Testimonials from Our Satisfied Clients

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Dr. Katharine Alter

Lloydie Triplett Zaiser

Trees fell on my house crushing the roof rafters. Another contractor had wasted months of our time never performing any work and not even completing the estimates. Glickman responded within one week and coordinated with the roofer who had given us a 50 year guarantee. Together they completed the job in five working days! Total professionalism.

Leslie and Luther Barden, Customer

GDB designed and built an accessible in-law suite (bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette) and reconfigured some of our main family space. The project was handled very professionally, by a top-notch project manager (Justin) and responsible, courteous subs. Very few issues arose during construction, and Russ (GDB owner) fairly resolved those that did. All in all, an excellent experience.

Tom and Joanne Kee, Customer

Glickman Design Build did a great job remodeling our home. I attribute the success to two, key factors–collaboration and communication. First, they worked with us every step of the way, listening to our thoughts, ideas, and preferences. From the design through the build and item selection, they understood our joint vision, and they fulfilled it. We also communicated throughout the project. This included both good news and when problems arose. When the latter happened, they came to us with viable solutions to keep the project on track and within budget.

Adam Burns, Customer

Glickman took our ideas and created a lovely and very functional addition that fit the look and flow of our existing home, both inside and outside. Glickman worked with us to incorporate our needs and desires and to keep costs down. Glickman developed a workable budget and they stayed within it, except for the few times we chose to make upgrades. The finished product is wonderful, far better than we had ever imagined.The Glickman process was very professional, moving quickly through all the phases of design and build. The project manager Justin was amazing. He kept the contractors moving smoothly through the project.

Donna and David Macfarland, Customer

Glickman DesignBuild did a major renovation for us. We added a great room redoing our kitchen and bumping out the house. We also added a screen porch. The initial process was very stressful – deciding on what we wanted versus what we could afford. Keith Long our designer was great although he is no longer with the company. The actual build part was managed by Justin Wigfield who is unbelievable. He was as responsive, reliable, accommodating and overall wonderful as was possible. He dealt with any issues immediately and went above and beyond in so many ways – he built a doggie deck for our doggie door because it was too far above the ground. The subs were uniformly terrific. They all were incredibly hard workers – showing up early and working late. They moved the project along quickly but were attentive to detail.
We are incredibly happy with the final product. We have an amazing addition.

Carol Plotsky, Customer

I just knew as soon as I met you and Wayne on that snowy January Day in 2015 that Glickman Design Build would be the perfect contractor/architect to combine my two apartments and design a home that would be handicapped accessible for my mother and me as we moved back into the D.C. area. My mother suffered a massive stroke in 1991 and as a result was a double amputee and paralyzed on one side. She could only use one limb. For the past five years, we’d been living in my apartment in NY which was difficult as there was no accessibility for her. Unfortunately, my mother died in August but next week I am about to move into a beautiful apartment made possible by Glickman.

We started construction a little over a year ago combining a one-bedroom + den and a studio apartment. I was so excited when I heard Wayne would be the project manager. Wayne figured out how to make a small room for a caretaker in case one had to stay over and how to create closets out of what you would think would be dead space.

I was very concerned about the bathroom, which is simply gorgeous. It has a roll-in shower and an automatic faucet. There would have been plenty of room for a wheelchair, which while I no longer need it now, it is important because I might need it someday.

Wayne was able to ingeniously combine the two kitchens into a unique arrangement. As someone who keeps kosher, I was very concerned about having enough counter and cabinet space since I am a major cook and baker. The amount of cabinets and counter surfaces Wayne was able to create was most impressive. I had asked for a mixer base cabinet on which I could secure my kitchen aid, Cuisinarts and toaster oven that would be on levers and I could raise level to the counter. I want to keep my counters as clear as possible and putting appliances in a garage would mean I would have to drag them out, and it was not a prospect I liked. Wayne created individual garages with tracks so my appliances will go on a track and they will just slide out when I want to use them. Voila!

Jan Kaufman, Customer

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