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Chevy Chase House Remodeling and Renovations

House Remodeling and Renovations Near You in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

In the years before 1890, Chevy Chase was unincorporated farmland, and then Senator Francis G. Newlands of Nevada and his partners began to aggressively acquire land for the specific purpose of developing a streetcar suburb for Washington, D.C.  Today, Chevy Chase sits directly on the line between Maryland and the District of Columbia, with parts of the community spilling into both areas. The hub of Chevy Chase Circle establishes a strong sense of place – along with churches that line its circumference, are the Chevy Chase Village Hall, two quietly elegant clubs, and a few carefully defined shopping areas. Against this elegant backdrop, residents of Chevy Chase seek to stay in their homes for as long as possible, which is why they call us here at Glickman Design Build. We’re experts at basement remodeling, home remodeling, home renovations, bathroom remodeling, bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovations, custom bathroom remodeling, custom kitchen remodeling, and condominium remodeling in Chevy Chase, with its historic buildings and picturesque landscape.

The Land Company of Chevy Chase, from the outset, designed the area to encompass the best in residential design. They hired Lindley Johnson and New York landscape architect, Nathan Barrett, to design signature structures along Connecticut Avenue and devise a landscape plan. The result can still be seen today, as residents of Chevy Chase remodel and renovate the community engaging spaces in and around their homes. We install gorgeous sunrooms that allow natural sunlight into your home all year long. We can plan and construct your patio and decks to specific zoning and association laws, taking the headache and anxiety away. If you want the outdoor deck installation of your dreams, call Glickman Design Build today.

Universal Design

You, or the person you are caring for, are an independent spirit, and the very spirit in which Chevy Chase was founded – a development where your home could express your individuality. You want home to reflect your spirit. In addition to being highly functional for you to get around with your assistive devices like a wheelchair, you want your home to be beautiful. Right now your home may have temporary fixes that are allowing you to get around, but are far from optimal. Perhaps you want your family and friends to feel more at home in your modified environment. What you need are modifications that are high on style without sacrificing safety and function. That’s where we come in. Glickman Design Build is founded on the principles of universal design and mobility. Our founder, Russ Glickman, is the father to a child with Cerebral Palsy, and he knows intimately what it’s like for physical disability to be a part of daily life. If you want a design that enhances the lives of everyone, all the time, for your whole life in your home, you want Glickman Design Build.

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Plan, Design and Create Your Home For Life Today!

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