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Great Falls House Remodeling and Renovations

Kitchen and Home Remodeling Near You in Great Falls, Virginia.

Although Great Falls is primarily a bedroom community for Washington, D.C., one major attraction is Great Falls Park which overlooks the Great Falls of the Potomac River, for which the community and the park are named. George Washington was involved with building a canal around the falls on the southwest, or Virginia, side, called the Patowmack Canal, which did not become commercially viable. Remnants of the canal, and of a village around the canal named Matildaville, are still visible in the park.

As a suburb of Washington, D.C., Great Falls is a part of both the Washington Metropolitan Area and the larger Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. It is bordered on all sides by other Washington suburbs. When residents of Great Falls are searching for basement remodeling, home remodeling, home renovations, bathroom remodeling, bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovations, custom bathroom remodeling, custom kitchen remodeling, and condominium remodeling, they call Glickman Design Build. We’re experts in building in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Kitchen Renovations

The scenery of the area, as well as its proximity to the nation’s capital is why residents would rather add sunrooms, patios, and decks to their existing homes than move elsewhere. If you’re ready to have the outdoor desk installation you’ve always wanted, then you’re ready to give us a call. Don’t move, improve!

Kitchen Remodel Great Falls

Our team of design builders will evaluate your existing home and use of space, your lot and your future needs to help determine the best way to seamlessly add space to your existing home. Your plans for your future don’t have to include moving to a senior community or nursing home. A great addition will not only provide the functionality you are looking for, but can have a huge impact on the beauty and curb appeal of your home, for years into your future. The transformation can be amazing! By applying universal design our Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS) can design a home remodel for you that ensures you can live in it forever.

At Glickman Design Build, we have a well-defined process that starts from the initial consultation through completion of construction. Our team of remodeling professionals will take the time up front to explain exactly what will happen when and make sure all of your questions are answered along the way. When you make the decision to design with mobility in mind, we can help you get on track.

Contact us today to speak with our expert designers about your next home remodeling project.

Plan, Design and Create Your Home For Life Today!

For all of your building, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman Design Build is the right choice. If you would like to discuss a potential project with a knowledgeable consultant, we can be reached via our contact page or one of the phone numbers below:

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Plan, Design and Create Your Home For Life Today!

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