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Reston House Remodeling and Renovations

House Remodeling and Renovations Near You in Reston, Virginia.

Reston was the first modern planned community in the country, made up of five villages surrounding a town center, encompassing a range of lakes, pools, shopping areas, golf courses, and nature paths: 55 miles of paths wind through Reston, ensuring each village center is about a half-mile walk for everyone.

Reston residents demand deliberate design, like the universal design approach of Glickman Design Build. When Reston looks for basement remodeling, home remodeling, home renovations, bathroom remodeling, bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovations, custom bathroom remodeling, custom kitchen remodeling, and condominium remodeling, they call Glickman Design Build. Universal design uses enhancements to work for everyone, at any time, just like Reston!

Reston was part of the back-to-the-land movement popular in the 1960s and 1970s, in response to the new suburban communities of the post-war era. Where suburbs fell prey to income segregation, a lack of natural preservation, suburbs that served only as bedroom communities for commuters, a lack of public space in new developments, and a lack of community ties. Many early residents settled in Reston because it directly countered this suburban sickness.

Home Additions in Reston

Reston residents place great value on nature, and celebrate being in it. If you’re looking to add a sunroom to your home, call Glickman Design Build. We’re experts in local zoning, and we can make the process smooth and headache free for you. Install a new patio or deck, and connect with neighbors and nature. If you would love to enjoy, for the rest of your life, an outdoor deck installation that provides you with peaceful, natural vistas, then give us a call today! Our experts are here to help get you every step of the way.

We live and work here for the same reasons you do. From its beginning, Reston was designed to follow “guiding principles” in its development that would emphasize a high quality of life. Citizens would be able to live in the same community while going through different life cycles with different housing needs as they age. Restonians live, work, and play in their own community, unlike residents of bedroom communities who must seek amenities elsewhere, and with common grounds and scenic beauty shared equally, regardless of income.


The epitome of our design approach allows our aging population to stay where they are as they grow old. There is a growing interest nation-wide in aging-in-place, and more and more people are modifying their existing home as an alternative to moving to senior living communities. Universal design, enhancements that work for everyone, in any situation, is more prevalent, and products and techniques that complement senior living continue to improve. With myriad options our experts can help you understand, planning for the future in your home remodel can be easy, practical, and beautiful, and something your family will appreciate for generations.

Contact us today to speak with our expert designers about your next home remodeling project.

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For all of your building, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman Design Build is the right choice. If you would like to discuss a potential project with a knowledgeable consultant, we can be reached via our contact page or one of the phone numbers below:

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Plan, Design and Create Your Home For Life Today!

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