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    The Glickman Guide to Aging in Place

    Wow, who would have thought the Woodstock generation would actually get old. Life happens. Unfortunately, our homes are actually aging faster than we are. When you bought your home those high ceilings, circular stairways step and-up entrance was inviting. But now, the home’s steep steps and narrow doorways are becoming problems. Suddenly things that you […]

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    Preparing for a Whole House Remodel in the New Year?

    Maybe you’ve been thinking about this for years and now it’s finally time to get started. Or perhaps you just moved into a new home where you love the neighborhood and lot but knew that you would be doing major renovations before moving in to make the house perfect for you and your family. Either [...]

  • Twin additions, before and after

    Popular Options for Adding Space to Your Home

    Building an addition is not as easy as it looks. Not that to most of us it probably looks all that easy! There are countless behind the scenes considerations that must be addressed before even thinking about the design and construction of the new space.  Then there are the multiple design, materials, structural constraints and [...]


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