Creating the Perfect Kitchen in Olney, MD

A High-End Kitchen with a Unique Design Challenge

Kitchen Remodel in Olney, MD A semi-retired Olney, MD couple was looking for an updated kitchen space with lots of storage that was currently lacking. They had always dreamed of a kitchen with high-end finishes and felt that they were now ready to satisfy that dream. Their kitchen looked out onto beautiful backyard views, but the space wasn’t currently set up to take advantage of enjoying these views. They also wanted to incorporate a larger island so that it could accommodate a seating area.

The Challenge: 
The biggest challenge with this project was figuring out what to do with a beam that ran across the ceiling of the room that had to stay in place. We suggested incorporating the beam into a tray ceiling with beautiful decorative molding. The clients were a little concerned with how this would turn out but loved it once they saw it completed.



The Result:
A relocated window and new window seat provide the homeowners access to great views and additional storage. Taller cabinets, a full pantry with pullout drawers, a larger island and a decorative glass cabinet all create an impressive look while adding the functionality the homeowners desired. One-of-a-kind, meticulously chosen Bordeaux granite tops create a sense of elegance, while a furniture-like refrigerator and dishwasher ensure a high-end and seamless look. The larger island provides an ideal alternative eating space. The homeowners couldn’t be more thrilled with their classically-styled yet updated, new space.