adding a home elevator

Adding a Home Elevator: Luxury or Necessity?

Adding an elevator to your home may sound extremely luxurious, but as a large amount of satisfied homeowners can testify, it may simply be a bare necessity to the elderly or disabled. The old advice of ‘just’ relocating to a home without stairs once they become troublesome, simply no longer holds value. This advice also underestimates the emotional effects that come with having to move out of your home.

Installing an elevator isn’t necessarily as expensive or troublesome as you might think. And home elevators can often fit in something the size of a closet so don’t need a lot of room.

In addition to the mobility advantages it may provide for you, having an elevator can also positively increase your home’s value. A properly maintained elevator will retain its value almost for a lifetime.

It is important that your home is checked for the suitability of installing an elevator. If you are considering an elevator addition to your home, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss the feasibility of this option with you.