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    Home Additions: A New Gazebo and Deck

    Gazette Newspaper: “This Rockville residence was named ‘Best Creative Solution’ by the Montgomery County Builder’s Association. ‘Russ Glickman has won an award for the past eight years consecutively.’”

    Gazebo Deck 3Work on this spacious family home required the reconciliation of three variables. The decking system, which would include a gazebo, had to respond aesthetically to a post-modern rear elevation that featured a series of windows framed in geometrical patterns. It also had to accommodate a shallow back yard that rose into a hill at the end of the lot. Finally, the new space had to be “universalized”—designed for easy maneuverability in a wheelchair.

    By accentuating a curvilinear rim along one side of the deck’s perimeter, the plan had the effect of softening the contrast between the geometrical windows and the rounded topography of the site. The shape provided generous maneuvering room for a wheelchair, a spacious design that echoed the home’s complex architecture, and the uniquely modern, functional, aesthetic appeal.

    Gazebo Deck 1 Gazebo Deck 2