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  • 07

    An Addition Now Brings Enjoyment Sooner

    The house addition is the single most important home remodeling project a homeowner will ever make. The home addition can be a marvelous way to get the space and functionality your home needs without moving. Plus, as your interests and family grow over time, so does your need for space. But you need to start now. […]

  • 31

    Interior Design Gives Homes a Real Heart

    Your home reflects personal values. A clear picture of what we like and how wisely we spend our precious time. When we create a place that meets our needs and expresses our character, we enrich our lives. Sometimes you walk into a home and instantly feel welcome. Soon you realize it’s more than just the […]

  • 25

    The Joy of the Kitchen

    A kitchen is a place of pride, engaging all five senses. What comes out of a kitchen can be both broad and artistic, A great achievement in finger painting by your child or realizing the joy of cooking for you and your family are statements of who we are. The kitchen is also the most […]

  • 18

    Creating a New Home in Your Home

    The in-law suite is more than a new comfortable apartment for aging parents to live within your home. An in-law suite is how a new generation salutes an older one. Multigenerational living brings out the best in all of us. Young families have learned a lot from the strength and values of their parents. It’s […]


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