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    An Old Idea Is New Again: In-law Multigenerational Living

    It’s called In-Law Multigenerational Living. Before World War II it was the way Americans lived. According to Census records in 1940, about one-quarter of the U.S. population lived with three or more generations in one home. After WWII everything changed. American families lived under one roof, with parents and their young children. Suburban living was […]

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    Glickman: Helping your father age in place

    Remember childproofing your home? Protecting toddlers with gates, outlet guards, and safety latches. Well today it’s time to protect you. America is in the midst of an age boom. Amazingly, those us at age 50 are expected to live longer than any previous generation. And there’s no better place to live than your own home. […]

  • Outdoor Living Renovation

    Home Additions for Increased Home Value

    Once the family office was the kitchen table. A garage needed to hold but one car. Bedrooms never heard of a king-size bed. A workout room was a basement. Entranceways couldn’t handle wheelchairs. And a few bookshelves were your library. Today we have new needs and new skills to change everything from the bathroom to […]

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    Aging In Place with MultiGenerational Living

    People are living longer, healthier lives. There have been many advances in medicine, in exercise, and in technology that have added more years and more life to our lives. As we age, our homes have aging issues too. Many homes are out of date, their kitchens are old, the bathrooms are not as safe and […]

  • Accessible Bathroom Renovation

    The Mobility Movement

    So much of what we love about our homes lies beyond its walls: Our neighbors, our community, the beautiful grass and trees that surround. Unfortunately, as we age, our home’s walls start closing in. We can’t get around as easily as before. Kitchen islands feel like obstacles. Stairs become marathons. Even our entrance way morphs […]

  • In-law Suite Addition

    What to Look for in an In-Law Suite Addition

    Over the years, society has gone through regular changes. There was a time when multiple generations lived under one roof, so the ages in the home could range from babies to seniors. As people moved to the suburbs and families became more nuclear, this changed. However, the trend is re-emerging as people move their aging […]

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    Is Aging-in-Place the New American Dream?

    As we reach retirement age, most of us prefer to stay at home. Housing challenges, such as affordability, physical accessibility, socialization and access to medical and other services can be challenging. Join Glickman President, Russ Glickman along with a panel of seasoned professionals who assist clients with these and other concerns. Click here to view […]

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    Smart Home Technology for Seniors

    As more of us are aging in our homes, adding ease and convenience to our everyday lives has becomes increasingly more important. The good news is that so called “smart devices” are no longer a “nice to have” but have really become the norm.  From smart doorbells, to smart light switches to automatic medication dispensers, […]

  • Design for Life Logo

    Glickman Participates In Design for Life Showcase

    Glickman Design/Build recently participated in the 2018 Design for Life Showcase in Silver Spring, MD. This is the only event that brings building professionals, designers, architects and product providers together with residents to demonstrate some of the best designs and products available for accessible homes. Residents get a chance to see the latest and greatest […]

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    Glickman in the Community

    Glickman Founder, Russ Glickman, spoke at a community event on March 15th with a talk entitled “Creating a Master-Plan to Live at Home Forever.” The free event was held at OASIS at the Macy’s Westfield Montgomery store and was hosted by Potomac Community Village (PCV). Potomac Community Village is a non-profit all-volunteer network of friends […]


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