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    Universal Home Design: The Right Choice Now

    The ultimate goal of Universal Design (UD) is to create a home that works for everyone; now and in the future. This brilliant design makes homes accessible and safer as you age and allows maximum access for those with disabilities. Universal Design can make each room accessible, reduce home accidents and potentially increase resale value. […]

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    Age in Place: Because Home Is Truly Where the Heart Is

    Every senior asks themselves this question. Should I stay or should I go?Do you stay in the home you love? Or go to an assisted living facility? For many, it’s much more than just a move. It’s a deeply emotional decision that’s life-changing. Our homes are where we feel safe and secure, and for good […]

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    Aging In Place With Attractive Designs

    By Wendy A. Jordan, Washington Post, August 22 Soon after Foster Lott and his wife, Katharine Alter, bought their two-story, 1945 house, they began talking about ways to improve it, and saving up to do so. Sixteen years went by and they were still talking about it. But in 2016, Lott’s hip was giving him […]

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    Universal Design Sparks a Revolution

    Universal Design can be summed up in one dramatic word: Inclusion. Years ago, we at Glickman/Design Remodel Build started using Universal Design in the remodeling of homes and offices and we’re proud to say this idea has now spread to every corner of our culture. Universal Design was invented to be the people’s servant, to […]

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    Lifting Spirits with Mechanical Lifts

    A mechanical lift changed our world. It was called the elevator. An invention that gave rise to the skyscraper and centuries later it’s still creating new ways to live and work. Today mechanical lifts can be individualized to give amazing accessibility to those in wheelchairs, using walkers and people with limited mobility. Today mechanical lifts […]

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    Get a new home without buying a new house

    It’s called whole home renovation. Perhaps you’re looking to sell your home and want increase the property value. Or perhaps you’re closing on a house and wish to create your dream home. Or, you are a senior and you just want to age in place and you need to make your home safer, more accessible, […]

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    Enhance Your Homes Outer Beauty

    Update the Exterior of Your Home and Enhance the interior. We live in a world of first impressions. Outer beauty captivates our eyes. Drive by a house and the outside tells us if we’d wish to go inside. A truth universally acknowledged by real-estate brokers and home improvements sites is that anyone looking to increase the property […]

  • Aging in Place

    The Ultimate Guide to Aging in Place

    Wow, who would have thought the Woodstock generation would actually get old. Life happens. Unfortunately, our homes are actually aging faster than we are. When you bought your home those high ceilings, circular stairways step and-up entrance was inviting. But now, the home’s steep steps and narrow doorways are becoming problems. Suddenly things that you […]

  • Family Laughing at Dinner Table

    The Perfect Plan for Mother In-Law Suites

    Remember the Waltons? A popular TV show in the 70’s, the Walton’s showed us how wonderful multi-generational living could be. Well that was TV and fantasy. At that time families largely were two-generational, with parents and minor-age children under one roof. But now times have changed. People are living longer. But for older people getting […]

  • Universal Design for Kitchen - Glickman Renovation

    Universal Design for Kitchens and Baths -The Glickman Way

    Great Design should be part of every home. But that great design for homes bought years ago will need to change, as we get older, to meet the needs of people with disabilities and couples who wish to age-in-place. There is a solution. It’s called Universal Design. The Experts in Universal Design (UD)     […]


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