How to Ensure a Positive Relationship with an Attorney

Communication is key…

Get Everything In Writing

Once you decide to hire an attorney, ask that your arrangement be put in writing.  This agreement can be recorded in the form of a letter or formal contract.  It should specifically define what services the attorney will perform for you and the fees that will be assessed for the attorney’s services.  If your agreement remains oral and is not put into writing, you have still made a contract and are responsible for all fees assessed by the attorney and his/her staff.

Make It A Good Experience

A positive and open relationship between attorney and client benefits both parties.  The key to a successful client/attorney relationship is communication.  Ask questions that will help you develop a successful relationship with your attorney.  Use the answers to these questions as a guide to determine the attorney’s qualifications and also to determine whether you can comfortably work with the attorney.  If your concerns are not addressed, if you don’t like the answers to these questions, if you don’t like the attorney’s responses, or if you simply do not feel relaxed with the attorney, do not make an agreement for services.

If you are satisfied with the attorney you have hired, you will trust him or her to do the best job for you.  Only if you have established a relationship of open communication will you be able to resolve any difficulties which may arise between the two of you.  If you take the time to make sure that you are comfortable with your attorney, you will make this a productive experience for both you and your attorney.

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From the “Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook” p. 45