Cape Cod Project Exterior

Cape Cod Expansion & Renovation – Silver Spring, MD

Gazette Newspaper: “ ‘Designer wins NARI creativity award.’ Glickman transformed this A-frame home inside and out. By substituting columns for load bearing walls, Glickman Design Build created critically-needed expanded living space.”

The outside of this family’s home was a rather ordinary A-frame structure, which lacked definition. We saw the potential for that house to be a beautiful “Cape Cod.” The inside of the house was not cozy, it was cramped. We set about defining it inside and out. We added a gabled-stoop entrance with flared railings, a flower box beneath the shutters on one side and a bay window on the other side for balance.

The exterior changes were accomplished with relative ease. Inside, however the old house seemed stubbornly set in its ways. The walls between the rooms made everything seem small, dark, and cramped. Nor were these walls easily knocked down. The house, being top heavy bore its load down through the basement. Glickman substituted steel columns and I-beams for the bearing walls separating the kitchen, dining room, the newly enclosed front porch and the living room. Half-walls and decorative columns replaced the walls. With the large bay window and five foot lattice sliding windows dominating one corner of this new room, the “porch” is now a virtual solarium.

Natural wood trim complements the newly finished oak flooring provided a finishing touch. A new gravel driveway and slate courtyard, the color of the home’s exterior paint; a river rock retaining wall and curbing to delineate the yard—these simple items provide the setting for a jewel of a home.