Kitchen Remodeling in McLean, VA

Kitchen Remodeling Addition Vaulted Ceiling – McLean, VA

Featured on the front cover of Qualified Remodeler Magazine: “The objective of the addition/remodel was to bring in more light, which was achieved through the use of a ‘window wall’ that follows the peak of the roof line.”


Gazette: “Glickman Design Build project named best residential remodeling project over $100,000.”

Reprint from The Connection Newspaper: “ ‘Renovation Adds Light: McLean family adds skylighted offices, storage space where 600-square-foot attic used to be’

You might think Jane and William S. of McLean had their two-story kitchen, with its walls of mostly windows, remodeled just to garnish the pages of home decorating magazines. Especially when your eye drops from the two-story ceiling, along the hardwood floor, and up an open, spiral staircase, where there was once an attic. The new light wood staircase now leads to skylighted offices, computer workstations for the children and an end-to-end view of the woods outside.

In fact, the couple’s home has been featured in numerous industry publications during the last three years. But they chose the major remodeling – adding the high ceiling, staircase and offices above, and a hardwood floor dinning room and outside deck below—because of the lifestyle needs to their seven member family.

The family bought their 2.5 acres home 17 years ago. Through the years and with the addition of four children and their grandmother, the family needed more space with class.
The home’s award-winning appeal is due in large part to the quality craftsmanship of Glickman Design Build. Glickman, based in Rockville and headed by Russ Glickman, specializes in taking home remodeling plans from concept and design through all phases of construction. And it’s no surprise their motto is “designing Lifestyles,” according to Jane.

“They did a lot of talking with us, asking ‘what are you going to do in this room?’ They listened to our very particular needs,” said Jane, a community activist and former school board member.

Six months of meticulous tearing down and building up (“They didn’t leave spot on the floor or a drink on the wall,” said Jane) turned the McLean family’s 600-square-foot attic on Rockland Terrace into personalized offices and storage space.

Jane’s ivory-colored office – which overlooks the kitchen and is accessible by the new spiral staircase – is adorned with plants and family pictures. One entire wall however, is generous storage space, which also houses the mechanical equipment needed to heat and cool the new area.

William’s office, at the other end of the attic and overlooking the couple’s bedroom, holds and exercise bike and reams of paper from his work composing scripts and songs for the “Capitol Steps” performing group, which he founded and performs with. He also author history books from his spacious, light-colored home office.

In between the couple’s cream-carpeted offices are computer workstations for their children, ages 9 to 16. The computers are set on top of easy-to-clean, white desktops and floor covering. Recessed fixtures provide light at night, or whenever the skylights aren’t enough. Recessed lights, or “headlights,” as Jane calls the, also light up the kitchen/dinning room area below.

Working with Glickman allowed the homeowners to complete their remodeling desires in an aesthetic and practical fashion. “Glickman’s stance is that the customer is always right and that’s very refreshing,” said Jane, who has worked with other contractors in past remodeling efforts of her home.”