Second-story Addition & Bathroom Design/Build- Chevy Chase, MD

Second-Story Addition in Chevy Chase, MDWashington Jewish Week: “Skillful renovation made the second-story, luxury addition on this Chevy Chase home look as if it had always been there.Glickman Design & Remodeling also received an award for this project.”

The owners had bought the Chevy Chase, MD home with the idea of adding a luxurious bath to the stately brick home. But, they did not want to add on an overbearing addition that would clash with the home’s quaint style. This Montgomery County home needed universal design/build bathroom addition, bathroom remodeling, master suite addition and a second story addition.

They instead hoped to increase the size of the bath while keeping the integrity of the home. They also wanted a usable closet—the existing walk-in was too small for two people. Glickman found a solution by adding to the existing garage. A small one-story garage with a flat roof, it was perfectly suited to house a second story on top of it. The result is an addition with a dormer, which blends flawlessly with the house and looks as if it had always been there. Inside, the room is spacious with all the modern amenities of a new home, including a step-up tub and a roomy walk-in closet. Finally, the clients chose to have Glickman convert a screened porch (on the opposite side of the home) into a more functional sunroom.

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