Using Creativity to Design the Perfect Master Bedroom Suite

These Reston, VA homeowners longed for a new master bedroom suite. Their second floor contained two awkwardly-shaped rooms that they wanted to redesign.  When talking to several different designers the advice was always the same; build an addition on to the back of the house. This, however, was an expensive option that the homeowners were reluctant to pursue.
But the Glickman team had a different approach which was to utilize the existing attic space above the garage. This would save money and provide the perfect space for the homeowner’s master bedroom suite.

The first task was to lower the floor to the loft of the garage about two feet. This move left a comfortable eight feet of vertical space in the garage, but yielded more than enough headroom for a new 270 square-foot master bathroom above.

Next, the Glickman team knocked out the wall separating an unused bedroom and a small study. A step-down entrance now created a master bedroom/bathroom suite exceeding 614 square-feet.
Stepping down into the bath from a beveled glass door, the room reveals a mosaic of French Beaumanire soapstone and marble trim tiles, cherry wood vanities, antique verde marble countertops, and a custom glass-and-gold shower for two. Finally, recessed and brass lighting echo the room’s brass fixtures, completing the look.

By incorporating a little creativity, the Glickman team fulfilled the homeowners desires of creating their dream master suite, utilizing existing unused space in their home, saving both time and money.

~ Glickman Design Build Newsletter, May 2014 Homes for Life