Meet our new designer: Lanna Ali-Hassan

Lanna Ali-HassanLanna Ali-Hassan, Interior Designer, ASID*

With a background in both science and interior design, Lanna brings a unique perspective to her role as designer as she is able to combine both technical and artistic aspects into every project.  As a design associate her goal is to satisfy the needs of her clients by creating purposeful and functional spaces that are also innovative and inspiring.  She has an eye for design and a passion for bringing a homeowners’ vision to life.  She truly believes that a thoughtful design can be aesthetically pleasing as well as improve a homeowners’ well-being and create emotional connections.

In her free time, Lanna enjoys reading, geocaching, spending time with her dogs, spoiling her 2 nephews, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, March Madness, traveling, and exploring the city.

*Allied ASID