Elevator Addition in Northern Virginia

Luxury and Convenience Were the Goals of this Complex 4-story, 4-stop Elevator Addition in Northern Virginia

This complicated elevator addition proved to be too challenging for many contractors, but a perfect fit for the experienced team at Glickman Design Build.

The homeowners talked to several contractors about their need for a 4-story and 4-stop elevator addition to their large Northern Virginia home, however either they did not get call backs from most after they saw the project or they received very high estimates.

The elevator was a convenience that was very important to them.

The homeowner who is a top executive with a large defense contracting firm in the area, originally thought that based on the size of the home they may need even two elevators to accomplish their goals. But the Glickman Team provided a one-elevator solution.

Before_Side_Existing  Proposed_Elevator_Addition  Rendering

The project was quite complex and required unique solutions in a variety of ways –

  • A structure had to be designed which would not require cutting into the master bedroom space because it would have been costly to reframe and refinish the existing master bedroom coffered ceiling.
  • The elevator structure had to be freestanding because it was built next to a chimney and could not be attached to the chimney to be used as a support structure. So it needed to be built with steel and wood framing and brick that had to match the existing brick.
  • It required matching the existing slate roof.
  • Major structural work was required to tie the new structure into the roof and create a finished access pathway in the attic from the elevator lobby into the completed area.
  • It required a complex drainage solution because it was resting on an underground spring.

After_Elevator Addition  After

This elevator addition could not have turned out more beautiful and seamless with the existing structure. The homeowner selected a very high-end elevator adorned with mirrors, beveled edges and gorgeous brass. The trims especially the floors with inlays are spectacular. Functionality also wasn’t spared as the elevator featured auto-open doors. The homeowners couldn’t be more thrilled with their elevator addition that truly exceeded all of their expectations.