Exterior Accessibility Ramp

An Accessible Exterior and Bathroom Renovation

The objective of this exterior face-lift and bathroom renovation was to help a 5-year old boy in a wheelchair obtain easier access when going to and from his house and help him to have more independence with daily activities such as


showering and brushing his teeth. In order to accomplish this, the homeowners had a wish list of items that they wanted the exterior renovation and bathroom remodel to accomplish. This included: providing a way for their son to get outside easily from his bedroom which was on the main level of the ranch style home, creating protection from the elements outside when their son was waiting for a ride and easy access to and from the driveway once he’s outside. They also wanted to ensure that the exterior renovations to the home did not detract from the beauty of it. For the bathroom remodel their goals were: a roll-in shower for ease of access with a wheelchair, sink with room for a wheelchair to fit under and plenty of room in the space for him to easily get around.

Added Functionality
Both of the new spaces, the bathroom and the exterior modifications have greatly enhanced the functionality of the home. When the homeowners purchased this ranch home, they knew that some modifications would be necessary. Having a ramp to the outside provides a tremendous help in allowing access in and out of the house without much help from others. And the new bath with all of the accessible amenities allows the little boy to conveniently and accessibly get ready for his day. A new wall-mounted sink with cabinets helps maximize the space and provides convenient storage at the same time.



Function and Beauty
The exterior renovation complements the rest of the home beautifully. If fact, it adds to the architectural interest of the home. The new portico and curved ramp with a stone wall were added seamlessly. The neighbors have commented how amazing the transformation looks. The bathroom is done in beautiful tones and offers a relaxing and clean atmosphere that anyone would enjoy using.


Seamless Integration
With an accessible design project, a major goal is for the modifications to blend seamlessly with the existing structure. The ramp was designed in such a way to not only provide the functional value that the homeowners desired but to add visual interest to the home as well. The curved layout added an interesting design element along with an attractive metal gate placed where the ramp meets the driveway. A stone wall adds to the overall beauty.


End Result
Overall the project turned out beautifully and the homeowners couldn’t be more thrilled. This little boy now has the mobility and independence he and his family desired. The design team came up with a variety of solutions to meet the homeowner’s needs of greater accessibility for their son to and from the outside of the home. He has easy access to the driveway allowing him to get to school and other activities without much assistance. He has a beautiful new bathroom that’s all his and his own personal “suite”.