accessible in law suite bathroom

What living-in-place means for today’s baby boomers

Ninety percent of older Americans would prefer to live in their own home as they age, according to AARP. The strong desire to remain in one’s own home can generally be attributed to place attachment, or a deep connection to home. Contemplating the idea of packing up and moving somewhere new can pose a huge emotional hurdle.

Staying in our homes as we age often requires modifications. Some things to consider as family members—or even you—think about staying at home would be installing a no-step shower, grab bars and grips in the bathroom; having proper lighting inside and outside; and reducing the number of steps or decreasing step height. You’ll want a first floor master suite and multi-level or seated food prep areas in the kitchen. For those who strive to be independent, good planning and smart home design are tools that make living-in-place realistic.