4 Must-Dos Before Beginning a Remodeling Project

Thinking about remodeling your home and not sure where to begin? To help ensure success, keep these things in mind as you begin this very exciting process.

1. Have a clear vision of the end result.
Visual references are so important to the process. In addition to drawings of the project, pictures from magazines and the Internet will give you great ideas to share with your designer.

2. Make a five-year plan.
Even if you are embarking on a small renovation project, it should be approached as part of the big picture, a step in the direction of the end goal. This ensures that efforts are not duplicated, and that the sequence of projects makes sense. Prioritizing a list like this gives you something to work, budget, and plan for.

3. Get recommendations for a design build company.
You’ll be working together in your home, possibly for months, so a good, respectful relationship is key. Recommendations from friends, work you’ve seen and admired, and neighbors’ similar projects are a great way to find a remodeling company.

4. Create a realistic schedule.
Your remodeler is like an orchestra conductor, bringing all the players in a logical sequence to make things run as smoothly, efficiently, and economically as possible. Have a genuine understanding of how long your project will take, so that you can make arrangements to move out, eat out, or be present for critical decision-making along the way.