House Remodeling

Making Homes Smarter with Home Automation Technology

We’ve all left the house and suddenly remembered, or thought, that we’ve forgotten something important. Maybe we didn’t turn off the coffee maker or close the garage door. With smart home automation, there’s no need to rush home or worry. Imagine shutting the garage door or making sure that the lights are off, from your iPhone. Or at the end of the day, using your phone to turn on your heat or the lights so you can enter a warm and comfortable home.

Here are 5 growing trends in smart home technology:

1. Décor-Friendly Gadgets. Home automation technology can blend in better with your décor than traditional devices. Smart home thermostats and door locks for example, are often sleek and modern and aesthetically pleasing.
2. Programmable or Zone-Based Thermostats. Turn the heat on or down from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet with a programmable thermostat. Zone-based thermostats use motion sensors and heat only the rooms that you are in.
3. Wireless Power Controls. Home automation allows you to control a variety of devices with the touch of your finger. This can include everything from automated sound systems, HVAC systems, lighting, and security systems that can all be controlled with an iPad or remote.
4. Automated Door Locks. If you’re carrying heavy grocery bags or a crying child, unlocking your door can be quite a feat. Smart locks take the guesswork out of using a key by automating your front door to unlock or even open as you approach.
5. Advanced Security Systems. Watch your kids get home safely from school, make sure they’re doing their homework and not watching TV, or simply set up and arm your security system and other alarms while you’re away with the touch of a button.