What is an “Adaptable” Home?

Is the prospect of an aging parent living in your home at some point a real possibility? Maybe you are thinking long-term toward your future needs and want to make your home livable both now and down the road. Or possibly you have regular visitors to your home who have a mobility issue or injury and you want to remove barriers. Whatever the reason, an adaptable design remodel may be the answer.

Adaptable design allows you to make temporary adjustments and plan for future needs. Adaptable features are those that can be adjusted easily, in a short period of time, by unskilled labor, without involving structural or finished material changes.

Some examples:

  • Grab bar reinforcements can allow grab bars to be secured into place without opening the existing walls.
  • Removable base cabinets can be unscrewed from adjacent cabinets and slipped out when needed.

Counter tops and closet rods can be placed on adjustable supports rather than fixed to allow for adjustments.

Adaptable – Universal (Before)
Accessible – with tile underneath and behind the cabinet (After)