Smart Home Technology in 2017

Smart home technology has taken hold and is here to stay. It’s becoming simpler and more affordable for homeowners to incorporate smart home technology components into their homes. For a total solution, a smart home is one that is equipped with special structured wiring that allows occupants to control or program remotely a variety of automated home electronic devices by entering a single command. A smart home requires many products to work together as one well-oiled machine. Whether you opt to make your home a smart home or simply incorporate smart home technology components, here are some of the more popular technologies we are seeing today.

Voice Control. Voice control products are available for use in virtually every aspect of your home including thermostats, lights, and music systems, just to name a few. Voice control products allow you to manage functionality in your home with the command of your voice.  

Attractive Networking. The unappealing Wi-Fi routers of the past are no more. Today’s nicely designed routers can be left out in the open allowing them to perform better than those hidden away.

Bigger Touch Panels. Touch panels are designed to display the status of lights, thermostats, A/V equipment and more, and launch commands to these devices. The latest touch panels are larger than ever before, often with12-inch, full-color screens.

Changing Home Theatres. New, sleek designs for home viewing include projectors built into cabinetry offering homeowners a great viewing experience while taking up less room than in the past. This often opens up more spaces in the home that can accommodate this technology.

Motorized Shades Make an Impact. Motorized window treatments are becoming more and more popular and can often be integrated into a completed home technology system.

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality. Sensors that monitor the air in your home for VOCs, (volatile organic compounds), CO2 (carbon dioxide) and humidity levels will become more commonplace. These sensors are often able to trigger systems that can help expel bad air from the home and bring clean, healthy air in.