Home Addition in Mclean,VA by Glickman Design Build

An Exceptionally Personalized Second-Story Addition

This McLean, VA family of four loved their 1960’s home and wonderful neighborhood, but had simply outgrown their space. In particular, they were longing to create larger bedrooms for their two boys as well as a space the boys could call their own. They also wanted to better maximize their first floor space. That’s where Glickman Design Build came in. The new design incorporated all of that and more – A second story addition provided the space they needed to stay in their home comfortably and configure a layout that worked for the entire family.

What Was Done

The original first floor of the home contained three bedrooms. By removing walls, one of the rooms was converted into additional living room space and one was turned into an office. The redesigned space also eliminated a hallway that existed right as you entered the front door. The layout now features an open floor plan with kitchen/living room area. A bump-up was added above the stairs from the first to second floors (originally attic stairs) to allow for plenty of headroom. The newly added second floor space was designed to house two bedrooms, one for each child, a full bathroom, a lounge area complete with a homework nook, and a second office, as both homeowners work from home. On both levels, the floors were redone in an oak with an English Chestnut stain. On the exterior, the original light red brick was repainted to match the new smooth Hardie Siding that was chosen in Booth Bay Blue.

A Detailed Plan

As part of the planning process, Glickman Design Build created an extensive materials list and 3D renderings of the house – before and after – to help the homeowners visualize the possibilities and eventual outcome. The 3D renderings allowed the homeowners to explore different color, trim and materials options – and even see how landscaping changes would impact the home.

A Masculine Yet Elegant Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom for the two boys was a main area of focus. Plenty of time was taken to ensure that the selections were perfect. The homeowners were looking to create an aesthetically interesting, masculine-feeling space, while at the same time providing the function that they needed. The overall design of the space had a transitional feel with lots of cool greys, blues and whites. Dark grey Crystal Cabinet shaker-style cabinets with clean lines were incorporated into the design along with 12 x 24 dark grey tile flooring. A Carrera (white and grey) marble was chosen for the counter top, and the same tile in a mosaic pattern was used for the shower floor and in a subway tile pattern on the shower walls. Polished chrome fixtures added brilliance to the space and made a definite statement when you walk in. The white sink and toilet stand out beautifully against the grey in the room. Overall a classic sophisticated, masculine look was achieved – two months ahead of schedule!

masculine yet elegant bedroom in mclean virginia second story addition by glickman design build

In The End

The homeowners couldn’t be happier with their beautifully remodeled home and can’t believe how well it functions for them. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when customized to fit a family’s individual tastes and lifestyle.

Personalized Second-Story Addition, bedroom in second story addition in mclean virginia by glickman design build

Personalized Second-Story Addition in in mclean va by glickman design build