Bathroom upgrades

Attractive Upgrades that Make for a Safer Bathroom

Times have certainly changed when it comes to the bathroom. The very things that make your bathroom safer and easier to navigate—large, walk-in showers; higher toilets; natural lighting—are also some of the latest design trends.

The terms have changed over the years but their purposes have remained the same. Grab bars are now being called “shower rails”.  Higher-seated toilets are “comfort height.” And easy-to-use lever handles and handheld showers are “ergonomic.” Items once avoided by homeowners are not only sought after, but in high demand.

What’s wonderful about incorporating these design components into your bathroom is how it relates to “visitability” which means making your home welcoming to people of all ages and abilities.

Bathroom upgradesSome features to consider when planning for safety in the bathroom:

  • Create the right lighting with natural light, sconces and a night-light
  • Widen doorways and switch from knobs to levers
  • Enlarge the shower and go curb-less
  • Use wall mounted sinks that allow space underneath for someone seated
  • Look for slip-resistant tile or vinyl
  • Choose grab bars that match towel racks and other fixtures
  • Think about a walk-in tub