A Kitchen Remodel with Function, Flow and Fashion, All in One

Homeowner Goals
While the client’s loved their neighborhood, their home lacked the functionality, modern amenities, and design touches that they desired. The garage was located on the lowest level of the home and led to a stairwell that opened into the middle of the home. Because there wasn’t a transition area before the kitchen, it became the place where everyone left personal belongings.

On top of this, the kitchen itself wasn’t very functional. It lacked natural light and task lighting and the narrow galley walkway created by the island caused issues when anyone wanted to get to the backyard. The oak cabinetry was dated and didn’t appeal to the homeowner’s tastes. And the location of cabinetry around the corner was inconvenient to get to and use.

The kitchen area opened into a long rectangular space off the main living area that was being used as a kid’s playroom. The rooms didn’t flow well and made entertaining difficult. The client’s also needed a wider space to accommodate for the commercial grade appliances they wanted for cooking and entertaining.

Over time, the kids had taken over almost every living space in the home. Because of lack of storage for their things, they even encroached into the kitchen area taking over the island.

Kitchen before: The original kitchen lacked natural light and room for cooking and entertaining.
Kitchen after: Plenty of storage incorporated into the design not only provides the function the family was looking for but serves as a beautiful focal point for the room as well.

Design Priorities
For this family, the kitchen wasn’t just about meal preparation. It was the central hub for family interaction. The new space needed to solve their problems and at the same time allow the family members to use the space in their own way. Whether this be enjoying a casual refreshment while watching television, a place to do homework for the kids, or using the space for traditional meal preparation. And the design needed to be done in a way where it no longer felt disjointed or cluttered. The modern kitchen has evolved and serves many purposes.

Kitchen before: The original kitchen was small, cramped and outdated and had been overtaken with the kids toys, crafts and games due to the lack of storage space.
Kitchen after: The new kitchen is modern, sleek and elegant, and with ample storage incorporated into the design is now clutter-free.

Mission Accomplished
The final kitchen design exceeded the homeowner’s wishes. The kitchen area now boasts additional seating for entertaining or relaxing, a children’s study area, a new pantry for storage as well as an additional storage unit in the old kitchen space. The den area was also widened allowing for lots of natural light to flow into the new kitchen along with access to great views of the backyard. The photos of this gorgeous kitchen remodel truly speak for themselves!