Universal Design and Aging in Place

The Mobility Movement

So much of what we love about our homes lies beyond its walls: Our neighbors, our community, the beautiful grass and trees that surround. Unfortunately, as we age, our home’s walls start closing in. We can’t get around as easily as before. Kitchen islands feel like obstacles. Stairs become marathons. Even our entrance way morphs into a barrier. So now it’s more difficult just to go outside. Time to call Glickman the experts for mobility solutions.

The future will be here before you know it

Glickman is a family owned business operating in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.  We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, design, and experience to build mobility into any home.

Today technology has made a huge impact. New wiring can be step-saver. A smartphone can now shut lights, open blinds; lock doors even start your morning coffee. For larger needs, Glickman is an expert in design and installation for a wide range of stair lifts, accessibility ramps, ceiling lifts, and other residential accessibility products. We know every home, every client has different needs so come in to see us, let’s talk and formulate a plan.

Move down mobility roadmobility home elevator

The best way to think about mobility is before you need it. Learn more now. Glickman has a  comprehensive program taught by building professionals to help you make the right and prudent choices. And Glickman seminars are open to all. Some of the topics covered:

*Should you stay or should you move?
*How to implement a master plan?
*Maximizing your homes resale value.
*How to create an In-Law suite.
*Designing functionality without an institutional feeling.
*The convenience of elevators, lifts and ramps.

Go to the experts

For more than 40 years, Glickman has been partnering with families, individuals and corporations to create beautifully refined, environmentally conscious, and smart mobile solutions.  Each project is unique. We carefully consider our client’s needs, resources and conditions of the site.  Our aim is to elevate our client’s daily-lived experience through truly captivating and enduring design ideas.

A safer, easier and more mobile, more valuable home

If you would like to discuss how Mobility Design could enhance your home and your quality of life or other home addition projects with a knowledgeable member of our team, Glickman can be reached by phone at 301-444-4663. There is also a contact form on this website that you can use to send us a message.