Outdoor Home Remodel

The Glickman Guide to Easy Outdoors Living

Summer is coming.

Many of us will spend more time on the porch than we do in the house. Today, with the high cost of travel and expensive restaurants, there’s no reason to leave home when you can have the perfect outdoor living place in your own backyard. And one of the joys of summer is having meals in the great outdoors, whether it’s a cup of coffee in the morning sun or an elaborate dinner under the stars.

A New Perspective on Your Backyard

Perhaps that Bluestone is getting old. You see little green weeds poking through holes. Those decks you love feel a little gray and creaky. Why live with unsightly and sometimes unsafe places in your home when you create something amazing? Build a patio with a kitchen and live under the moonlight. To create that amazing outdoor space, call Glickman Design Remodel Build, the ideal resource in Washington, DC Metro, Northern Virginia, Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Potomac areas for custom solution design and creation in outdoor patios and kitchens.

Many in this area are calling now to take advantage of Glickman’s 40 years of experience. It’s time to slow down and enjoy the nature of your own backyard. Let Glickman design the perfect custom outdoor living space for maximizing your natural surroundings.

Creating the Perfect Outdoors Space

The first step is to come and see Glickman designers. They are the experts. Glickman creates all kinds of outdoor additions from kitchens to patios to beautiful places to grill. There are many possibilities from a design perspective. If don’t know what you want, let’s push the limits together. You’ll have a Glickman designer ready to explore all possibilities. With the latest tech and year-round functionality, your outdoor space could be the party destination all year long.

Patio Ideas

Here are some options to consider when thinking about your patio.

* Make it Soothing with Water. There’s something special about water that’s serene and peaceful. Enhance those relaxing moments with a patio-size water garden.

* Leverage Shade. Have a large shade tree? Why not consider building your patio under its canopy? You’ll enjoy the cool, shady retreat in the heat of summer. Add Cover with a Pergola. More substantial than an arbor but less confining than a gazebo, a pergola may be as simple as an overhead structure attached to the back of your house to cover a deck. Pergolas are especially effective over paved areas, such as paths, courtyards, and patios.

* Throw down a Rug. There are numerous high-quality, weather-resistant rugs for use outdoors. They come in a variety of colors and styles.

* Using illumination. Give your patio personality at night. Whether to illuminate a dark space or add ambiance to your favorite seating area, outdoor lighting can be just the touch of nighttime pizzazz your patio needs.

* Build a Fire Pit. Gather around the fire with the kids late at night. Fire pits can be made from anything from flagstone slabs to small boulders. Fire pits allow for friends and family to gather around the feature, creating an environment that is warm and allows for conversation to flow all directions.

* Create a patio with curving edges to add character and a sense of informality to an outdoor living area. Curves can be more relaxing and visually appealing than straight lines.

* Outdoor Kitchens. Cook full meals under the moonlight. We’ll help you with the right outdoor kitchen appliances, weather-resistant countertop materials, and built-in grills.

* Add on a porch or deck for grilling and outdoor family gatherings. Not sure if a porch or deck is best you you? Find out how they differ and how much each costs to determine which is best for you.

Contact Glickman/ Design Remodel Build today!
Your home can be the summer place. Entertain, have a party or just gather with friends. Glickman can create a plan that will turn your outdoor space into a relaxing getaway. We have managed projects from small to elaborate backyard patios that added thousands of square feet of outdoor living space and additional resale value.

Today you have a great resource like Glickman that fits your needs with construction and design. If you are thinking about enhancing your great outdoors, now is the time to call Glickman. We place an emphasis on client communication and we would be more than happy to set up a meeting between you and one of our designers to explore the best and most economical way to move forward. Set the wheels in motion, contact us, or call us at (301) 444-4663.