Creating a New Home in Your Home

The in-law suite is more than a new comfortable apartment for aging parents to live within your home. An in-law suite is how a new generation salutes an older one. Multigenerational living brings out the best in all of us. Young families have learned a lot from the strength and values of their parents. It’s their vision that raised the common good in all of us. Family living, under one roof, can now bring everyone closer both physically and emotionally. Older parents get the opportunity to feel the love and caring for grandchildren. New parents will discover the compassion of giving back to in-laws, parents or even their children. There are economic benefits as well. In-law suites change lives. A home within a home can mean: more family meals, built-in baby sitters, less onerous expenses like assisted living and nursing homes.

The one contractor for in-law suites
An in-law suite creates both privacy and togetherness, but it also can add value to your home. This desirable addition attracts many buyers when you decide to list your home on the market. Creating an in-law suite requires the help of an experienced contractor. This is not a do-it-yourself project. So do a little homework Look at photos, ask neighbors about their experiences and of course, get referrals. We believe one name will rise above the others- Glickman|Design Remodel Build. With over 40 years of experience, we always strive to give you the best value, customer satisfaction and a quality experience.

Examples of In-Law suite design and construction by Glickman|Design Remodel Build

Best options
There are many ways to add living space without expanding your home’s footprint. The basement is a great place to start. Basements are used best if they have adequate outside egress. A basement also means no need to use outdoor space and cost savings because there’s no taking down exterior or interior walls. Adding another story is also a very common solution. The garage or porch areas that can be enclosed and transformed into living space are two other possibilities. Combining two bedrooms to create a suite also works well. Glickman will start the process at our first meeting. We will sit down with you, listen to your vision, and assess your home to determine the best possible floor plan. Our goal is to add an in-law suite to your home in the most tasteful and seamless manner.

Private bathrooms are a must
A private bathroom is an absolute staple. The bathroom should have the necessary supports in the walls for handles; grab bars and safety bars. Pedestal sinks are easier for people in wheelchairs. Adjustable height vanities, bathtubs that are wide enough to handle special lift seats in the future, and dedicated outlets that can power a lift chair or other safety equipment. You can eliminate the tub and install a curb-less shower that is easy to use for people with limited mobility.

Easier kitchens
Incorporate universal design principles throughout the suite. Designs include no-slip flooring, considerations for height and reachability, and wider doorways. The hub of every home, a kitchenette or kitchen area is key. Choose raised cabinets with additional kick space underneath. Look for multi-level, pullout counters that can be used by people in walkers or wheelchairs. Faucets with motion sensors are also a smart investment. Induction cooktops are easy to use and safer. Look for wall ovens that can be mounted at a height that’s comfortable for people in wheelchairs. Choose base cabinets featuring drawers that pull out rather than cavernous cabinet spaces. All of these additions make the kitchen more functional for aging family members.

Create an In-Law Suite Today!
The massive Baby Boomer generation is growing older, but their kindness is growing as well. Many are building and living in-law suites. Giving the main house to the children. Multigenerational living is not a new idea, before World War Two, it was the way most Americans grew up. Today that practice is alive and well. New building materials, computer-assisted designs and experienced contractors can show you that building an in-law suite brings robust solutions for needs now and in the future. Hiring a professional design-build company like Glickman|Design Remodel Build with an extensive portfolio of successful in-law suite projects is an excellent choice. For over 40 years, Glickman|Design Remodel Build has strived to exceed expectations focused on professionalism, clear communication, quality, and craftsmanship.

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