An Addition Now Brings Enjoyment Sooner

The house addition is the single most important home remodeling project a homeowner will ever make. The home addition can be a marvelous way to get the space and functionality your home needs without moving. Plus, as your interests and family grow over time, so does your need for space. But you need to start now. No one knows what can happen tomorrow. That’s why you need to be ready today. When a family comes over it’s good to be prepared and have an extra bedroom at the ready. If you’re planning to make this home a home for life, an addition can make the kitchen bigger or the bathrooms safer.

At Glickman| Design Remodel Build we create additions where everything is state-of-the-art, keeping energy and environmental concerns and your vision front and center. Our slow and thoughtful approach in the initial stage is a safeguard to make sure we do the work the way you want it to be done. Our insights will help ensure your plans are in keeping with the character of your neighborhood, the town’s local restrictions, and we will help guide you to a workable construction budget. 

You’d love to have more people over, but you don’t have the room!
There are many ways to add living space to your home and you can do it without expanding your home’s footprint. For example, Glickman can help you convert an attic to bedroom/ bathroom. Or you can create a basement apartment, which will be great as an extra place for kids or guests sleeping over. Some people add an extra story on top or finish the basement on the bottom. A two-story addition can significantly increase the square footage of your home, which can be appealing to potential buyers if and when you to sell. The experts at Glickman will sit with you and study the best way to add room that’s both cost-effective and beautiful. An addition may also save you on property taxes and fuel costs, depending on where you live. But most important do it now and be ready for all that next year has to offer.

An in-law addition works for more than the in-laws
Children grow up, leave and sometimes they come back home. That’s why every generation enjoys In-Law Suites. For aging parents that love their home and want to stay, it’s the perfect place. They can stay close with their grown children while embracing all the love and satisfaction of grandchildren. For new parents, an In-Law Suite can be real economic help. Sharing a home within a home means ready-made babysitters and more family meals together. Today with the cost of nursing homes or assisted living, an In-Law Suite will save money and dignity. Also, there’s an emotional benefit of privacy and togetherness under one roof.

Let Glickman Create an addition to your home TODAY!
The holidays are a special time. You enjoy having family or visiting friends to your home. Will your house be ready if someone wants to stay over? If you start now, your project could be ready as early as next spring. At Glickman, we are eager to introduce you to new building materials, computer-assisted design programs, amazing appliances, experienced contractors, and dedicated designers who will show you that creating an addition now can bring a creative, beautiful and comfortable solution to your quality of life.

Glickman|Design Remodel Build has an extensive portfolio of successful addition projects. Since we specialize in both the architectural design and construction process, our designs deliver award-winning spaces for our clients. We only design spaces we know will work, and we only build functional, safe and creative spaces that enhance your lifestyle.

Decades of design excellence
For over 40 years, Glickman|Design Remodel Build has strived to exceed expectations focused on professionalism, clear communication, quality, and craftsmanship. On every project at Glickman|Design Remodel Build we work to ensure that a personal connection is established with our clients to clearly understand how they live and what they want to create.

For all your additions, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman|Design Remodel Build is the right choice. If you’d like to discuss a new project with a knowledgeable consultant, you can contact us on our website or call one of the phone numbers below:

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