Planning a Home Addition is Planning for a Better Life

Every homeowner should ask themselves this question: how can I live better now?
The answer is usually this simple: An addition to you your home. There are many reasons why Addition is the answer. Perhaps there’s a new member of the family. The kitchen, your home’s most popular room, is just too small. Or maybe you’d like a better bath with a bigger master suite. Whatever the reason for wanting an addition, you know you need more space. Moreover, you need it now. If you had started just a few months ago, it would be ready to enjoy. So here’s another simple step: To begin building that much-desired addition, call Glickman/ Design Remodel Build. We create beautiful additions that are state-of-the-art and exactly what you need.

Additions designed and built by Glickman|Design Remodel Build

One small step at a time
You’ll be a lot more confident about the addition to your home if you take the time to find a contractor now and talk long before one nail is hammered. Vetting contractors is difficult and time-consuming. That’s why you should call Glickman. The award-winning Glickman team is made up of home addition and remodeling professionals. Our designers will show you that the best starting point for home additions begins with your personal wish list. Your needs and our experience create a thoughtful compilation of elements that shape design. Sitting with the Glickman team helps you prioritize, helps you edit, and helps you communicate the best plan possible.

The first question: Build up or out?
At first glance building out, increasing your home’s footprint seems to be the most common style of addition. But that’s not always the case. That’s why you need the professionals at Glickman who have built all kinds of additions for over 40 years. We will come in, look over every inch of your home and then help you make the best decision. In many areas, especially in older neighborhoods, sometimes it’s best to build up. It can also be more cost-effective. On tight sites, where homes are close together, there may be no buildable area in the backyard or front porch. Building up will preserve outdoor living space and help you get greater privacy for bedrooms in your new second story. Glickman has literally raised the roof many times to give homeowners the beauty, ease and space they deserve.

A realistic solution
It can be hard to manage your expectations about a job when you’re not familiar with the construction industry. That’s why we urge you to check references, talk to neighbors, look around and see additions that you like. Then come in and have an in-depth conversation with Glickman. They will take their time and plan with you so you can calculate the cost and work that’s involved. Glickman will be sure to tell you how they arrived at their estimate and describe in detail the factors you need to know.

Let Glickman create an addition to your home today!
An addition doesn’t just make your house better it makes your life better. If you had made a new addition just last spring, you’d be enjoying it right now. But here’s your second chance. Call Glickman, and make a great start towards comfort. Your home deserves to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. It also can enhance value in case you ever move. New building materials, computer-assisted designs programs, amazing appliances, experienced contractors, and dedicated designers will show you that creating an addition now can bring joy in the next few months.

Hiring a professional design-build company like Glickman|Design Remodel Build with an extensive portfolio of successful addition projects will be an excellent choice. Since we specialize in both the architectural design and construction process, our designs and practices deliver award-winning spaces for our clients. We only design spaces we know will work, and we only build functional and beautiful spaces.

For over 40 years, Glickman|Design Remodel Build has strived to exceed expectations focused on professionalism, clear communication, quality, and craftsmanship. On every project, we work to ensure that a personal connection is established with our clients to clearly understand how they live and what they want to create. For all your additions, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman|Design Remodel Build is the right choice. If you’d like to discuss a new project with a knowledgeable consultant you can contact us on our website or call one of the phone numbers below:
Maryland: (301) 444-4663
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