Home Remodeling in Maryland

ADU Means Income

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. Simply stated, they are smaller homes. Living units that are either attached or detached from your main house and exists on your lot. Today, an ADU can be a new income producer. Travel has become risky. People want to spend less time on trains or planes and more time in a home. Montgomery County, Arlington and Northern VA are all convenient areas that have passed ADU laws and give great access to the Washington D.C. metro area. People will be looking for long-term rentals. Motels are crowded and not very private. Building an ADU on your property can become a steady money maker. You give up none of your privacy. The occupant in an ADU lives their life and you live yours.

Of course, before you build an ADU you need to do your homework. You need the right construction company. In this area, you can rely on a trusted neighbor that’s been here for over 40 years, and that’s Glickman|Design Remodel Build. We are ready right now to help. Glickman will do the leg work for you and show you innovative ideas for all kinds of affordable ADU’s.

Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit
ADU interiors. Pick something you like and Glickman can design and build it for you.

Moving with the times
For many who do business in this area, travel has become a full-blown panic. Bouncing from one living space to another is inconvenient, inefficient, costs a lot of money, and worst of all can be unhealthy. These people cannot buy a home, but the ADU on your property could be a vital solution for them. The demand will be high. Times are tough right now and people will want an ADU so that they can move right in. Glickman will help you become a money earning landlord. Once you’ve determined, with the help of our expert designers, what you want to do, Glickman will focus on how we’re going to do it. We will explain everything: From costs to materials to production schedules. The best construction companies have the best leaders, so you’ll want to entrust your potential partner as someone you know can deliver.

ADU needs a professional construction company
An ADU is a home. Unless you’ve built a home successfully before, this is not a do it yourself project. It’s serious construction. You need designers and trusted licensed professionals who have built ADU’s before. Consulting with Glickman before you start will be invaluable to create the right kind of dwelling. Glickman will research your home and property and spot any structural problems before they become a reality. By reviewing your work with Glickman and looking at their sketches and ideas beforehand, can save you money and dramatically affect the comfort, utility, and beauty of your new ADU. Today only a designer/builder combination like Glickman is the most economical and quickest way to get the job done right.

Let Glickman build you a new ADU Now!
It is no secret that a well located, reasonably priced real estate investment can effectively generate more revenue than the cost of the money used to finance it. An ADU on your property can be a new source of income. ADU’s are needed now. Also, this structure will be there later if you need it to age in place. Hiring a professional design-build company like Glickman|Design Remodel Build with an extensive portfolio of successful projects will be an excellent choice. For all your additions, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman|Design Remodel Build is the right builder to call. If you’d like to discuss a new project with a knowledgeable consultant you can contact us on our website or call one of the phone numbers below:”
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