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Home Office: The New Room to Boom

Traditionally, kitchens and master bedrooms were the most important spaces home owners looked at when deciding to remodel. Now they are asking, “where am I going to work?”

Remote work was on the rise well before the coronavirus pandemic. In 2018, some 24% of those employed worked at least part of the time from home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Under the Covid-19 quarantine, that percentage has surged. Even senior executives, long reluctant to leave the C-Suite, now realize they can work from home and, economists predict, some may want to keep that option. In what’s being called “Flex Space”, they are changing homes and floor plans of the future to accommodate several different purposes.

This desire for the home office has become commonplace among home buyers in the past few years. Home listings that include the word “office” have increased every year since 2017, according to real-estate listings website Realtor.com. On average, homes with an office sell nine days faster and fetch a price-per-square-foot premium of 3.4%.

As this trend continues, more homeowners and buyers will desire a home office or a flex space that can serve as both. In a survey conducted by Realtor.com in the first two weeks of April 2020, 6% of respondents said the home office was the most important feature in their house.

Not surprisingly, the new home employee, while valuing the ability to stay home, avoid long commutes and avoid potential health risks, is still seeking the advantages and professional settings offered in the business office environment. For their next house, 8% said they want more doors and separation between rooms. Clearly, a premium on residential environments that provide a dedicated quiet workspace is in demand.

Ideas, concepts, creativity and comfort in the home office
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Here are some fun, creative and stylish examples of home offices too nice to leave.

examples of home offices
2 level office with 1000 book library
examples of home offices
Sleek, modern, artistic and plenty of natural light
examples of home offices
Open, spacious, vibrant, fun
home addition
Bedroom addition/Office-Flex Space
interior design
Elegant, sophisticated, secluded
examples of home offices
FLEX: Grand, spacious, entertaining. Used for office, family room, Age-In-Place first floor master sweet.

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