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Keep What You Have-Just Make It Better!

It’s a puzzle many homeowners encounter: after a few years or a lifestyle change, certain spaces in your home just don’t work anymore. It could be there’s not enough space for guests; aging parents need to move in; a job change requires a real home office; the kitchen becomes too cramped for your culinary passions, or you need more outdoor space for entertaining.

Sure, you could move—but you like the neighborhood. Thoughts of packing, looking for a new house, and selling the one you have sounds dreadfully unappealing. So, how about adding space to the home you already have in the neighborhood you already love?
Here are several projects all designed and built by Glickman/ Design Remodel Build that will give you ideas on how to make what you already have…better!

Main Floor Footprint Expansion
This expansion is connected to the original structure on the first floor and is usually accessible to the original home. It can extend as far as your building codes allow and can serve many functions, including space for an added bedroom, bathroom, more kitchen space, a family room or even an in-law suite. A main floor footprint expansion, whatever its intended use, should be designed to look like a natural extension of your original home.

Enhance Your Home

Think main floor footprint expansion, only smaller. A bump out usually expands the footprint of one room to increase the available space. Maybe you need 50 or 70 extra square feet to make a functional dining area in the kitchen, or you want to add a pantry or wine storage. A bump out works well for a flex-room that can increase your home office space or make a cramped guest bedroom more spacious.

Outdoor Living Renovation

Second Story Addition
If building out isn’t your thing, maybe building up is! Depending on the size and scope of your addition, you may decide to have the roof lifted temporarily while the work is done, and then replaced, or you may need to add new roof space. Consider adding a room or rooms over a one-story garage area or patio.

adding space to the home

Room Conversion
Room additions can sometimes be accomplished in the space you already have available—you just need to take an inefficiently-used area and turn it into something functional and purposeful. Available or unused spaces in your attic or elsewhere could be converted into smarter storage, a guest room or an office, etc.

adding space to the home

Flex Room
Flex rooms employ extra wiring, hideaway beds, desks, and other multi-use furniture so you can turn this room into anything you need: a guest bedroom, home office, exercise room, etc.

Enhance Your Home

A Great Room or Family Room
If you have space on your property, consider a main-floor footprint expansion to create a generous gathering place for family and friends.

adding space to the home

In-Law Suite
If you want a comfortable, separate, yet close living space for aging parents or guests, a main-floor footprint expansion works well. Converting a garage may also work if it’s big enough for an accessible bedroom, bathroom, cooking, and living space.

adding space to the home

We encourage you to research, ask your friends and family and noodle a bit over how you would enhance your home to truly make it “Your Home For Life”. Then call Glickman/Design Remodel Build. We’ve been helping homeowners just like yourself in the DMV for over 40 years with creative design and premium quality construction.

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