Creativity Never Starts Too Early

Yes it’s the middle of summer, but it’s never to early to start planning for your new interiors, either for your existing home or that new addition that will be finished just in time for the holidays. We’ve done some research and have found several new trends that will be hot for 2021. Remember, if you start planning now, you’ll finish on time, be thrilled with the results, and you’ll be living in “Your Home For Life”.

Colors: A Naval Trend
Naval is the new black for creating elegant, contemporary spaces

From Scandinavian inspiration come light woods and fine grain.
Raw color

Sustainable & Modern
New bioplastics, reused materials and low impact pieces for the environment, will be an upcoming design trend

Statement Pieces
Becoming more fashionable and accepted every year, they tell the visitor a bit about you

Natural Elements
Strengthening the human-nature connection. Natural and organic materials strongly decorated to remind us of the exterior life, creating mixed interiors with nature.

Connecting the Grays
A cool natural color scheme, proper to connect technology and modernity into elegant spaces.

Modern Rustic
A reinterpretation of classic times, celebrating the pieces and designs that have prevailed over time.

Industrial Style
Often the best way to integrate what you have with an urban environment

We encourage you to research, ask your friends and family and noodle a bit over how you would enhance your home to truly make it “Your Home For Life”. Then call Glickman/Design Remodel Build. We’ve been helping homeowners just like yourself in the DMV for over 40 years with creative design and premium quality construction.

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