At Home-Changing Trends

The past six months has changed the way we’re living our lives. Primarily, where we’re living our lives. We’re now at home almost all of the time. And due to this phenomenon, in-home activities relating to eating, entertainment and comfort have increased in frequency or been adapted to make stay at home life more enjoyable.

In a July 2020 report by noted consumer behaviorists McKinsey & Company they found:

Americans are changing how they spend their time at home.
Americans are spending more of their at-home time on domestic activities, media, and news. Intent to eat more at home post-COVID-19 has strengthened significantly over the past three months. Usage of popular online entertainment platforms has skyrocketed. (The popular video game Fortnite recently hosted a concert that was “attended” by 12.3 million users.1 ) Investment in at-home fitness through equipment purchases and online activity is growing. Consumers still expect to spend more time on at-home activities, even in less-restricted regions.”

Homeowners are now building new gyms, entertainment rooms, expanded kitchens and baths, and in-law suites to accommodate parents and relatives. In short, regardless of the uncertainty that COVID has caused, there is general optimism among homeowners that investing in their own homes for the long run is the right choice.

At Glickman, we’ve seen this interest in the ever-increasing requests we’ve had over the past three months for new bump-out additions, in-law suites and expanded kitchens. Please reach out to us with your ideas on how you’d like to create Your Home For Life and a Glickman | Design Remodel Build representative will be happy to help.

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How to get started? 
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