What Does Value Mean-To You?

Value is the usefulness of any product or service to a customer which is usually not expressed in monetary terms but fulfills an emotional need.

There are four elements to any transaction: cost, price, worth, and value. A manufacturer is concerned about the cost to produce a product or service and setting a fair Price. The consumer is concerned about the Price, how much they actually pay. The Worth, a personal estimation on the short and long term value of the product or service. And finally, the Value. How does the product or service impact their lives? Studies have shown that when consumers are considering large expenditures for a product or service, it’s the value proposition that’s the ultimate decider- even over price.

For over 40 years we at Glickman | Design Remodel Build we have known that Value is the deciding factor when selecting a remodeling firm. There are many firms to choose from in our region for remodeling your home, but are they going to provide value? Not just in craftsmanship, but in walking you through the numerous steps in creating your new addition. Will they have the expertise to assist in tax codes and building regulations? Do they have the capability to design and create aging-in-place mobility solutions so your home can work for you for years to come? And maybe the most important aspect of Value: how will living everyday in your dream addition or remodel make you feel? At Glickman we can provide all of these services and elevate your remodeling experience to another level.

Value is the first, most important aspect to consider when selecting a remodeling contractor. We encourage you to contact Glickman | Design Remodel Build to learn more about what we can bring to your table.

Take a look at a few of the design and building ideas which have brought Value to Dream Additions for our clients.