ADU’s and You!

In June, 2021 Glickman|Design Remodel Build was designated by Home Builder Digest, an online publication that celebrates the best home builders and residential architects across the US, as one of the regions top designers and builders of Accessory Dwelling Units- ADU’s. Here’s a portion of the story and contact information on how you can build one of these exciting additions as part of Your Home For Life!

For many homeowners, building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a great choice for expanding their homes. Often, these expansions are required for caretaking needs. But an ADU is also a good investment for increasing the value of your property.

Glickman| Design Remodel Build was founded by Russ Glickman in 1975 with the goal of offering home remodeling, home additions, custom-crafted aging-in-place- accessible design and universal design solutions to the DC Metro area. Russ himself is more than qualified to offer these services, with certifications such as Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), Certified Remodeler (CR), Certified Green Professional (CGP), and Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP), among other related certifications.

For in-law suite ADUs in particular, the firm provides open floor plans with private bathrooms, kitchenettes, sitting areas, and in general, limited mobility considerations such as lever-type door handles. Pictured below is an example of an in-law suite kitchen area. The room is simply laid out, with the dining table near the glass doors that lead out to a terrace. This location is bright and airy, allowing the occupants the option of eating with the doors open or closed. The kitchen also only has the simplest amenities, such as a sink, cabinets, and a refrigerator, to satisfy the basic needs of the in-law suite’s occupants. 

Let Glickman build you a new ADU Now!
ADU’s can be a great source of income as rental properties, provide guest space for friends and family, or severe as a home for aging parents to live with you while retaining their independence. Also, this structure will be there later if you need it to age in place.

Remember, an ADU is not a DIY project. It’s a small home and needs to be approached in its design and build the same way a full size house is. So hiring a professional design-build company like Glickman|Design Remodel Build with an extensive portfolio of successful projects will be an excellent choice. For all your additions, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman|Design Remodel Build is the right builder to call. If you’d like to discuss a new ADU project or any other remodeling ideas with a knowledgeable consultant you can contact us on our website or call one of the phone numbers below.

Maryland: (301) 444-4663
Virginia: (703) 832-8159
Washington, DC: (202) 792-7320