Kitchen Renovation

2021 Kitchen Appliance Trends

At Glickman we have been experiencing a year like no other. Our customers tastes and vision towards how they want to remodel their homes is evolving. They are looking at their homes with a new sense of gratitude and commitment to make these dwellings as comfortable, modern, and accessible as they possibly can.

As we’ve worked with and listened to our clients, we’ve discovered some interesting new trends and attitudes about the most important room in their homes, the kitchen. So, we decided to put together a list of some of the trends that our clients have implemented in their designs and mention some industry leaders in the manufacture of exciting, creative and beautiful appliances and design materials that transform ordinary kitchens into masterpieces.

Continued Interest in Hidden Appliances

Kitchen design is becoming more and more like furniture in terms of appearance and how the kitchen interacts with the rest of the home as opposed to an utilitarian approach. While this shouldn’t compromise the function of a kitchen, we’re finding that customers are moving towards a more minimal, European expression, where appliances are built in and hidden from plain view. By hiding appliances and adding trim design that seamlessly blends the kitchen areas with the rest of the floor design, the kitchen becomes an extension of a living room, family room, or other gathering space.

Colorful Custom Appliances

The desire for more colorful, panel-ready appliances has driven companies to create a wider variety of options to fit your wildest kitchen dreams. Dacor is now offering DacorMatch, which allows you to personalize their range of appliances with any color imaginable, so long as you provide a swatch of your desired color. The brand also offers full customization of refrigerator panels, plus, full custom integration capabilities. Additionally, Bluestar Appliance will soon introduce Bluestar by Design which offers the ability to add a bold graphic to any of their ranges or refrigerators, choose from a range of more than 1,000 custom colors, and even select from a host of knob colors.

Dual and Multi-Purpose Ranges and Ovens

We’re seeing ranges get upgrades like never before, benefitting foodies, wellness junkies, and novice cooks alike. Signature Kitchen Suite’s new professional-grade ranges feature multiple modalities like sous vide, induction, and gas on the cooktop with a steam oven below for making healthy cooking easier.

Wine Fridge. The new “It” appliance

2021 is the year of the wine fridge, as many of the top kitchen and appliance brands are innovating new ways to make wine more accessible and experiential. From Fisher & Paykel’s 91-bottle wine columns to Signature Kitchen Suite’s convenient under-counter fridges to Plum’s ultra-smart wine dispensers with virtual sommelier programming that can be integrated next to your cappuccino maker—or anywhere else in the kitchen—there’s never been a better time to be a wine connoisseur.

More Stylish (and Smart!) Options for Range Hoods

Kitchen Renovation - Stove, Vent Hood and Cabinets

Designing a unique exhaust hood is a great way to personalize a space. Appliance manufacturers are now offering pre-engineered hood liners in many sizes, with such features as lighting, dimmer switches, multi-speed blower controls, and removable and washable grates. This now makes it easier than ever to design a great façade on a hood.”

Smarter Appliances with Hosting-Friendly Amenities

Appliances aren’t just getting more stylish, they’re getting a whole lot smarter. This is not just for the cool factor, but also to make life a little bit easier—and luxurious.
These smart appliance options are just all part of the evolving customization process allowing consumers to make their biggest kitchen dreams an actual reality. These days, functionality is a design imperative when the whole family is spending every waking—and sleeping—moment in the house, and we expect the demand for smart and savvy appliances to continue growing in

Appliances to Extend the Kitchen’s Reach- Designed for Accessibility

Many cabinet makers and appliance manufacturers have answered the call for Universal Design and introduced entire lines of “below-counter” appliances and accessible storage compartments. Consult a designer at Glickman for more information on these life enhancing fixtures.

Commercial-Style Appliances for Cooking More Meals at Home

While our clients are always looking for more decorative appliances, they still want to invest in workhorses, maybe now more than ever. Professional and commercial-grade options are widely available from the top appliance brands, like this panel-ready from Bluestar which recently launched a new collection of column refrigerators and freezers that bring commercial-style, professional-grade tools to the busy home chef while being stylish enough for the design enthusiast. These offerings can be mixed and matched in different sizes and finishes either side-by-side or individually to meet your exact storage and design needs.

We invite you to reach out to Glickman|Design Remodel Build to learn more about the incredible new fixtures and materials that are leading the way in residential kitchen design. At Glickman, we’ve built a solid reputation of providing beautiful design and superior craftmanship not only in our new kitchen additions and remodels but through out your home as well. Please contact us or give us a call. And if you’re in the Annapolis area, reach out to our new partners and accessibility experts, Stay Home Safely. We look forward to hearing from you.

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