Interior Design Trends for Fall 2021

The verdict is in: Cozy fabrics, warm-earthy tones, vintage pieces, and private spaces are taking over the fall design scene. At the start of 2020, many of us were forced to reconfigure our homes into multi-multi-functional spaces that could accommodate the needs of working parents and home-schooled children. As a result, the trends we’re seeing for fall 2021 reflect more permanent changes we’ve made to our homes as a reaction to the pandemic. The central theme? Comfort, convenience and color. Here are several trends that interior designers predict will dominate for the upcoming fall season.

Design you Home For Life
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Warm, Earthy Neutrals
It seems as if the terracotta trend has burgeoned into an entire fall color scheme, composed of warm, earthy tones that personify the image of curling up to the fire. Sandstone is great for adding a more warm and cozy feel to the home, but is also great all year-round. A radiant autumn orange or Amberglow also creates warmth and blends well with other neutral tones like gray and sand tones,”

Cozy Fabrics And Natural Textures
There’s one trend that every designer seems to agree on : ultra-soft fabrics and natural textures. Homeowners are being drawn more to a relaxed feel in their home- something sophisticated and chic but still cozy. There’s a big focus on texture and boucle, Sherpa and other furry fabrics bring warmth without the need for color. This makes decorating super simple, as you can add it to your existing decor for a quick, cozy change.

Partitions And Room Dividers
It’s no secret that the pandemic has created a seismic shift in the way we view our homes. Rooms that were previously “for guests only” have been transformed into home offices and flex space. But one thing is for certain, the need for privacy and solitude has become paramount in our homes. But for many, including parents of small children isolation is not an option. The new answer; the resurgence of midcentury modern room dividers that allow for the kind of “hands-on privacy” parents are looking for..

Urbane Cottage Kitchens
we present: kitchencore. Kitchens are still the hub of the house, but now homeowners are taking a less sterile approach. Dark palettes, stained woods, countertop stone with depth and movement, and statement fixtures, are not just more exciting, but they’re also more durable and mess-friendly than their white counterparts.

Bringing The Outdoors In
The trend that ties everything together: bringing the outdoors in. Part of our residential lifestyle change that’s occurred over the past one and half years has been to spend more time on the property and less time in the house. For many people the indoor-outdoor connection is here to stay. That doesn’t mean filling your house with plants but instead this trend is more about bringing outdoor elements inside through furnishings, textures and patterns inspired by nature.