Bump-Out Additions: Getting More Room at Less Cost

Wish your kitchen was a tad bigger so you could fit a breakfast table? Maybe you’d like a soaking tub in your master bath but none of the models you’ve found will fit. You can add just a few feet to virtually any room or area in your house with a “Bump-Out” addition to create Your Home For Life.

What is a Bump-Out addition?
Typically, a bump-out addition is cantilevered off the existing foundation, similar to a balcony, making foundation work unnecessary. And, a Bump-Out-addition doesn’t need to be tied into the existing roofline. Both of these qualities save both time and money, while still adding extra space. Also, Bump-Out’s rarely require additional heating or cooling. The vents from the room to which the bump-out attaches will often provide service to the additional square footage.
How big can you make a Bump-Out addition
The weight of a cantilevered bump-out is held by the home’s existing floor joists. The larger the joists, the larger your bump-out can be. When you consult with Glickman|Design Remodel Build, one of our experienced designers will estimate the potential size of your Bump-Out based on the construction of your home. A quick note: Our clients often add add bump-out additions to the first floor, but you can also add one to the second floor as well.

Why Bump-Out additions cost less
Since construction costs are often calculated by the square footage, the smaller size of a bump-out makes them less expensive than a full room addition. Other factors that lower costs include the reduction of building materials or sometimes no need for:
-HVAC ductwork
-Extending the existing roof
-As many windows as a full room addition

Ideas for Bump-Out additions
-As a bay window with a window seat in the living room or den.
-To expand the master bath, making room for both a soaking tub and a shower.
-In the kitchen, to add dining space, room for an island or pantry, or larger appliances.
-To add a laundry room or mudroom.
-As a home office nook off the family room.

Is a Bump-Out addition right for you?
Before getting into the pros and cons of a bump-out addition, we suggest that you ask yourself an important question: Are you planning on a move or are you going to stay? For most of our clients, it’s those who are planning on staying that opt for the Bump-Out.

Because a Bump-Out is a smaller customization of your home, it is often suited to “taste” for our clients. It may take the pinch out of a small dining room when everyone is home for Thanksgiving. It could be an additional powder room for convenience on your first floor level. Or, a Bump-Out could be a micro-office you need to work from home. It’s up to your creativity and needs-the options are many.

If you are considering adding a Bump-Out addition to your home or want to learn more, then call or contact the experts at Glickman|Design Remodel Build. We have over 40 years experience in the DMV and the Annapolis area, designing and building all types of Bump-Out’s and full size additions that will truly make the house you live in, Yours.

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