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Kitchen Trends 2022

Kitchen trends for 2022 are evolving – new textures, new materials and new moods. The design trends are rapidly changing because the needs of the kitchen are rapidly changing. They are now used more than ever for cooking and entertaining as well as transforming into a family meeting and social hub, a workspace and a school. This change in function has impacted kitchen design for 2022, with the room becoming more welcoming, practical, calming, and turning to natural materials and subtle design details to create beauty. The kitchen of 2022 is soothing to the eyes, hands, and the soul. 

The kitchens of 2022 will feel like another extension of the home, in the sense that they will feel like a room, an additional living space within the house rather than a utilitarian place to prepare food in. We are moving to a kitchen space that has more refined materials, art and antiques along with utilitarian functions.

At Glickman|Design Remodel Build we have always looked at the kitchen as a key part of any home and we are always looking at interior design trends so we can give creative, practical, and innovative insights as you plan your next kitchen remodel, or bump-out. We invite you to explore the many exciting ways you can approach the design of you dream kitchen then reach out to a Glickman designer. For over 40 years we have been creating “Homes For Life” and we look forward to working with you. Please contact us or call.

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Exciting Kitchen Trends for 2022

Rounded Edges

Roundness in some form or other – squashy forms, arched shapes or oversized elements – having been coming to a home near you for quite a while, a trend that’s so far dominated furniture design, decorating and accessories. Now the heart of the home is getting involved, with the kitchen’s classical ‘hard’ surfaces taking a softer, curvier turn as the space’s design incorporates its new role as a place of calm, and a place to socialize.

The contrast between a rounded kitchen surface and the traditional hard right angle is dramatic. A curved edge on a counter invites you to run a hand along it and creates a visual flow.
Flowing forms and gentle curves in the kitchen draw you into the space.Comfortable curves and gently rounded edges bring a soft calm to the room while adding a touch of sophistication. In the kitchen the curves help to create an almost mystical feel, with the organic shapes drawing inspiration from nature.’

Mint Green

As interior design turns collectively towards natural materials, forms and colors as a way to bring the soothing, grounding character of the outdoors into the home, the kitchen takes up a classic, timeless tone picked straight from the garden as a key color for 2022. Mint is an uplifting, zingy, yet subtle green shade, one that continues the kitchen’s movement toward soft pastel shades while echoing our desire to be close to nature.

Green Cabinetry

And speaking of mint green, if you want to go a step further, then it’s being used specifically for kitchen cabinet ideas. And there’s a green for every style, from barely-there sage greens that almost act as a neutral to deep forest greens for a more dramatic and cocooning look. So whether you want to keep things subtle or have more fun with your kitchen colors it’s time to switch up the greys and blues that have been ever-popular and play around with this versitile nature-inspired hue. 

Wood Grain

Nothing could exemplify nature’s ever-growing role in the kitchen than the return of the wood grain. For 2022, put down the paint brush, forget about glossy finishes and embrace instead slices of organic, naturally occurring beauty. In the kitchen, wood grain will come to be admired as much as the veining in marble, as a one-of-a-kind demonstration of the wonder of nature.

The sustainability of wood as a natural material also appeals hugely to those who have been reminded how important preserving the environment is.

Kitchen Wallpaper?

Again, there really seems to be a theme here of kitchen trends that treat this once purely practical space more like a living room. Wall paper in the kitchen has been slowly gaining traction this year and we are seeing it more and more. For the past two decades wall paper has been shunned in kitchens, paint and tiles have always been the go-to. But now homeowners want kitchens to feel more like an extension of thier living rooms, so hanging wallpaper makes sense. It adds texture and depth to the clean lines commonly found in kitchen design. 

Slab Backsplashes

Is there anything more stunning in a kitchen than a slab backsplash? A wall of interrupted stone or marble adds an instant focal point to a kitchen adding beautiful natural textures and shapes. Slab backsplashes are a great trend to give an instant wow factor and are a great way to dictate the color palette of the room.

Colored Marble

Marble is a trend every year. And this year it’s had a colorful glow up. Our clients have always been interested in marble and we anticipate more kitchen designs to use the beautiful arrays of shades, from pale pinks to deep emerald greens. These more unusual stones make for the perfect kitchen island material, creating a statement at the center of your space. 

Unusual Sinks

faucets have got a lot of attention in kitchen trends the past few years. But to balance the stylized aesthetic of modern faucets, the new trend is to place more attention on sink details. Going beyond just the obvious stainless or ceramic options, we are creating sinks from granite, marble, concrete, Corian, and adding edge detailing to make them more appealing. You spend a lot of time at the sink, so it certainly should be a point of interest.

Sustainable Design Choices

Modern home owners are living more wholesome and sustainable lives. This notion of conservation and attention to ‘what things are made of’, is having an impact on the materials we are now choosing to build our kitchens from, or decorate them with,

Much like fashion, we are conscious of our consumption; we will invest in craftsmanship, timeless and statement pieces – we’ll buy less stuff and make it last longer, with the clashing of styles resulting in a timeless aesthetic. Any material that has an organic influence helps to ground the room and provide an instant sense of calm.

3D Surfaces

Last year’s supremely popular fluted glass trend is moving into non-transparent materials for 2022 as we seek out new ways to enjoy surfaces with fluidity and vigor. While three-dimensional tiles often follow architectural and geometric forms, on kitchen cabinetry the emerging shapes feel far more mellow.  Alongside fluted designs, we’re also seeing ribbed and scalloped surfaces coming through. ‘The beauty of taking a three-dimensional approach lies in the way it provides depth and interest, without it being overpowering.