Your Home: Make It A Destination

You’ve heard the phrase “make it a destination” when taking about a vacation spot, or a place you go for entertainment. Well, throughout 2022 we’re going to tweak that concept just a bit and ask the question, “how do you make your home a destination”? Not just a destination you go to after work or stay in at night for sleep, but a home you want to be in. A location that you have had an active roll in designing. A place that wow’s you every time you notice some design aspect, or nuanced detail that reflects your personal touch.

The fact is, homeowners are staying in their homes for much longer than ever before. And they are looking for design ideas that will give them the comfort, style, ease, and security that will help make the decision to create their destination home that much easier.

Universal & Accessibility Design

Glickman|Design Remodel Build is the recognized leader in the DMV for creating designs that convert your home into a destination that you can feel proud and safe to live in for decades to come. Our experience in incorporating Universal Design and Accessibility Design into your remodel is unsurpassed. But our approach is not just about adding mechanical features that help you stay safe, it’s about creating designs that work for you with style and beauty.

We invite you to take a look at some of the design suggestions we have listed below and consider how they could become part of your Destination Home. We also invite you to reach out to Stay Home Safely, one of our Accessibility Design partners. They are experts in all things relating to home accessibility.

Universal Design and Accessibility Design work hand-with slight differences

Universal Design considers the wide spectrum of human abilities. It aims to exceed minimum standards to meet the needs of the greatest number of people. Universal design, also called barrier-free design, because it focuses on making the house safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of age, physical ability, or stature.

Accessible Design is focused on the needs of people with disabilities. When focusing on Accessible Design for your home, special attention will be paid to providing designs and appliances which are tailored to the individual with special needs.

Here are few considerations you can include in your vision for a Destination Home:

Open Up the Layout
Pay Attention to Outlets and Switch Placement
Make Storage Accessible
Ensure Safer Stairways
Update Lighting
Choose Durable Countertops and Lower Work Surfaces
Add Smart Home Technology
Use multi-level kitchen countertops
Install multifunctional grab bars
Enlarge Doorways
Replace doors with sliding glass
Install cabinet less bathroom counters for wheelchair access

Here are just a few samples of our work

Accessibility Design
Accessibility Design
Accessibility Design
bathroom renovation
Accessibility Design
Universal Design

We invite you to reach out to Glickman|Design Remodel Build to learn more about the ways we can help you make your home a destination. Over the past 40 years we’ve built a solid reputation of providing beautiful design and superior craftmanship to homeowners across the DMV. Please contact us or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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