2022 Color Of The Year- Very Prei

Every year Pantone, the worlds leader in color formulation and design, selects a color of the year. For 2022 it’s Very Peri. A variation on Periwinkle, Very Peri is a call-out to all of you decorista’s and inerior designers that want to add some fun, excitement, and new life into your home.

Below, we added a swatch from Pantone of several different color combinations that effectively use Veri Peri. Also, if you’re looking for some fresh, new color combinations, we strongly recommend “Color Harmony” from Pantone. The book is filled with hundreds of color combinations that are perfect for your home’s interior and exterior design and décor.

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2022 Color Of The Year
4 different color sets that can feature Veri Peri
Color Harmony available on AMAZON
2022 Color Of The Year
2022 color of the year