Design Your ADU

The multigenerational backyard-living promise of Auxillary Dwelling Units (ADU’s) has long been tantalizing with the demographics of an aging population. Now more than ever families are choosing to design and build additional dwellings (ADU’s) on their properties which allows aging family members to stay close to their adult children and grandchildren.

The lure of ADUs

The lure of ADUs is obvious and there’s no question that several trends have combined and reinforced one another in recent years to give greater momentum to the ADU movement. Among these trends is the incredible increase in housing prices combined with the available housing shortage, and the aftershock of the recent pandemic that has heightened the desire for families to live in closer proximity.

Maybe the most practical reason that more home owners are building ADU’s for parents and extended family is the realization that together, they can help each other out financially, emotionally and practically (think child care and eldercare), while each maintains their independence and privacy.

Glickman|Design Build has been an early adopter in the design and construction of ADU’s for families around the DMV. We are expert in navigating the zoning laws, construction codes and the design of ADU’s that fit seamlessly into your existing property.

If you’ve been thinking about your parents and how you can create a customized, safe and independent dwelling for them while keeping them close to you, contact us or give us a call.
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Below we have listed some tips for you to consider as you plan and design your own Auxiliary Dwelling Unit.

Consider the different types of ADUs

ADU for renters: consider privacy and durable finishes in your design. Separate internet services to keep their searches and web traffic separate from yours. 
ADU for aging parents: consider a deck and a grilling area, and maybe a garden space. Provide a ramp and make the bathroom accessible and widen the doors so they can easily enter when using a walker or a wheelchair. 
ADU as a pool house: consider a location that overlooks the pool, has bi-fold or pivot doors that provide indoor/outdoor living.

Design your ADU

Create a versatile ADU design

Keep the space flexible. One of the greatest features of a well-designed ADU is its ability to accommodate different uses over time. It may start life as a rental unit and transition into a home office or an in-law suite as the needs of the homeowner change.

Auxillary Dwelling Units
Auxillary Dwelling Units

Make a list of what’s important to you

Before evaluating your options, it’s important to create a list of all the factors and decide which are most important to you. For example, are you willing to give up on some customizations for a quicker construction timeline? Or will you add accessibility features for aging parents?

Integrate your ADU into your landscaping

When adding an ADU to your property, it’s important to consider your home’s landscaping and outdoor space. It’s an opportunity to add your dream backyard, pool, or fireplace to compliment your house and ADU to create a space that can be enjoyed by all.

Design your ADU

Hire a professional with ADU design experience

Always hire a professional that has experience in design, permitting, and building your ADU in order to save time, money, and energy. Glickman|Design Remodel Build is always here to help.