Outdoor space design

How to Design your Dream Outdoor Space

No matter what time of year, your outdoor space deserves a little attention and TLC. There are endless possibilities on what to do with your outdoor area, and we are here to help you design your dreams! Glickman is proud to offer high-end design and remodeling for all outdoor spaces. We pride ourselves on servicing the DMV and surrounding areas for over 40 years in all building and design needs.

There are a few things to consider when redesigning any area of your property, and we know it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. So, here are a few tips to help you along the way!

#1 Consider Your Entertaining Status

If you love to be the host and are always inviting friends and family over, then this is a significant factor to include in your decisions. Do you want a fancy party space or a large cozy lounging area? Do you prefer making a splash around a pool or sitting back around a toasty firepit? What you like to do is what should be the determining factor in the setup of the area, the equipment added, and the furniture needed.

#2 The Comfort Factor

This is where you need to consider comfy seating areas, shade, and overall privacy. Seating can be as beautiful and expensive as you like, but if it does not have “a place” in the overall design, it can make the entire space seem off. Place your seating area where you and guests can talk comfortably and feel included in all conversations. This can also mean designing your seating in an open space around the featured area of the room. Such as the fire pit, to the side of the grilling area, or around the edges of the space.

Sitting comfortably includes having shade or shelter above you. We have built beautiful additions to covered back porches that exemplify the perfect balance between covered areas and uncovered outdoor spaces. You can choose the perfect shading for what kind of space you envision.

Privacy is a big comfort factor. Many people love the quiet, private spaces they can lay back and relax in. There are many inventive and beautiful ways to add privacy to your outdoor space. Wood plank walls, frosted window walls, fences, bushes, and other plants are all examples. This choice is a vital addition to your space.

#3 Your Style of Overall Ambiance

Your space can reflect you and your styles easily! It can be bright and colorful, or it can be warm and cozy. Any way you decide to go with this is dependent on your style, but here are a few things that make any area pop!

Lights! Turn on the lights and relax. There are so many ways to make your space shine. You can add decorative lights that add to the decor of your area, or you can place hidden lights that accentuate your space. This simple addition can transform your space and really shine a light on all of your hard work even after sundown.

Add outdoor speakers! Whether you are dancing at a pool party or setting a calm mood for an intimate family dinner, these can add the perfect feel to your outdoor space and are simply a must. We can help you design the perfect hidden places for your speakers, so they are not in the way or seen!

Infuse the natural elements around you into your space. Add spaces for natural light to shine through. Landscape beautiful plants to accentuate the beauty around you. You can also add fountains and natural bird washers to the area to draw in beautiful birds if you are a nature lover! There are many ways to combine your outdoor space with its naturally beautiful surroundings.

#4 The Wow Factor

From beautiful covered patios with a fireplace to built-in outdoor kitchens, you can be sure to stun all guests with unique designs. The cedar ceilings and herringbone brick flooring can be the best additions to your space you could ever make! The wow factor can also be the raised firepit or stunning pergola. This is the part of the design you will want to go all out!

#5 All the Extras

Details matter! Adding a beautiful water garden or extra screened-in deck takes your space to the next level. You can add hidden trash cans beside your outdoor kitchen, a mini pantry with snacks and a mini fridge, or even a small closet for outdoor linens and covers. The possibilities are endless! Consider making the most out of your area, even in the smallest ways!

The designers at Glickman have been making backyard masterpieces for over 40 years. Reach out to see how we can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams!