Home Renovation Projects Perfect for Spring

Do you have the urge to upgrade your home? Spring provides great outdoor conditions and allows your projects to be completed during the least busy time of the year. Your home will be ready to show off come Summer parties or holiday events.

If you are looking for the best team to help you complete your renovations from design to execution, Glickman is here to help. We can provide you with the best experts to create your desired home. Here are a few projects we think are perfect for Spring:


Deck demolition and removal can open space for your outdoor renovations. With an unwanted deck out of the way, a new garden can be created, a more desired deck can be built, or a new patio can take place. The options are endless with a blank canvas.

Home Renovation Project - Outdoor Renovation

Attic Transformations

If you are looking to upgrade your attic into an extra living space, Spring is the perfect time for this project! Drywalling is needed for this renovation, and this task is best done during warmer weather. Warmer weather allows for the windows to be opened and help expedite the time that the drywall compound needs to dry. Overall, springtime offers optimal conditions for upgrades that require drywalling, such as attic transformations.

Home Renovation Project - Bathroom Renovation

Curb Appeal

One way to automatically increase your home’s value is to redesign its curb appeal. Resurface your driveway, add stone veneer cladding, upgrade your exterior doors, upgrade porch columns, or even lay a new pathway. There are many ways you can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal, and if you need help finding the best option for you, Glickman Designs can help!

Home Renovation Project - Accessory Dwelling Unit

Bump-out Additions

If you are preparing for new roofing soon, this is the perfect time to consider a bump-out addition! You can add on to your home easily and flawlessly when pairing two projects like this together (although, if you want to add a bump-out to your project plans without a new roof, that’s possible too)! Bump-outs allow for wiggle room for floor plan changes and a new look on the outside of your home too.

sunroom bump-out

A few other upgrades you should consider during this time are:
Kitchen renovations. If you love to host but desire a more functional hosting space, then now is the time to upgrade your entertaining kitchen before the events begin.
Flooring. Adding hardwood during warmer weather allows for better fitting. This helps expose your hardwood to less moisture.
Siding. During the winter, snow can beat up your siding worse than you think. Spring, after all the snow has melted, is the best time to assess and replace your home’s siding.

With an experienced contractor on your side, you will be able to have the home of your dreams. Glickman offers consultations so we can help discuss your ideas and how we can best transform your home exactly how you want it. Contact us today!