Ideas for Your In-Law Suite Renovation

As we grow older, many of us consider the best ways to care for our aging loved ones. One solution that’s become increasingly popular is the in-law suite. These spaces offer a comfortable and convenient living option for aging parents or other family members who want to maintain their independence while staying close to their loved ones. 

However, if your in-law suite needs to be updated or requires some renovation, you may be wondering where to start. That’s where Glickman Design Build comes in. Here are some luxury renovation ideas for your in-law suite:

In-Law Suite Renovation

Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas to focus on when renovating an in-law suite. Your aging loved one may have different needs when it comes to accessibility and convenience, so it’s essential to design a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. Consider features like pull-out drawers, low countertops, and touchless faucets with automatic turn-off features to make the space easier to use. Additionally, luxury additions like a built-in coffee station or a wine refrigerator can add a touch of sophistication to the space.

Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Another important area to consider when renovating an in-law suite is the bathroom. Navigating a traditional bathroom with a bathtub or a high-sided shower can become more difficult as we age. Consider installing a walk-in shower with a built-in bench or a slip-resistant floor to make the space safer and more accessible. Additionally, luxury features like heated floors or a jetted walk-in bathtub can create a spa-like atmosphere that your loved one will enjoy.

Add Smart Technology

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in home design and can be especially useful in an in-law suite. Consider adding features like a smart thermostat, which can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet, or smart lighting, which can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times. Additionally, smart locks can make it easier for your loved one to enter and exit the space safely.

Incorporate Universal Design Principles

Universal design is a concept that focuses on creating spaces that are accessible and convenient for people of all ages and abilities. When renovating your in-law suite, consider incorporating universal design principles into your design. This might include features like wider doorways, grab bars in the bathroom, or no-step entryways.

Create a Comfortable Living Space

Finally, remember to focus on creating a comfortable living space for your loved one. Consider a comfortable seating area, a cozy fireplace, or a built-in bookshelf to create a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, luxury additions like a home theater system or a built-in sound system can add extra comfort and enjoyment to the space.

At Glickman Design Build, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and functional in-law suite for your aging loved one. Our team of experienced designers and builders can work with you to create a customized renovation plan that meets your unique needs and preferences. From luxury kitchen upgrades to spa-like bathrooms, we can help you create a space that your loved one will be proud to call home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your in-law suite renovation project.