Inclusive Design for In-Law Suites: What Are Your Options?

As families grow and change, you may consider creating an in-law suite to accommodate aging parents, adult children, or extended family members. In-law suites offer a convenient and inclusive living solution, providing a sense of independence while keeping loved ones close. 

However, to ensure that your in-law suite is welcoming and accessible to everyone, inclusive design becomes crucial. Glickman Design Build is well-known for our intricate work for in-law suites. So, here are a few areas we encourage you to consider and plan for while thinking of creating your home’s future in-law suite.

Inclusive Design for In-Law Suites

Ground-Floor Accessibility

For true inclusivity, consider locating the in-law suite on the ground floor. This eliminates the need to navigate stairs, making it accessible to individuals with mobility challenges or those using mobility aids. Additionally, a ground-floor location provides convenience and independence for elderly or disabled family members. This also provides useful to guests with children if the space is desired to be multi-use.

Universal Design Principles

Incorporate universal design principles into your in-law suite to create a space accommodating people of all ages and abilities. Wide doorways and hallways, lever-style door handles, and non-slip flooring are some examples of universal design features that promote accessibility and ease of movement. Designing the space to be functionally optimized is ultimately the best decision. 

Accessible Bathrooms

An essential aspect of inclusive design is creating accessible bathrooms. Install grab bars in the shower and around the toilet, consider a walk-in shower with a curbless entry and built-in bench, and use slip-resistant flooring to minimize the risk of falls. These features ensure safety and independence for all users.

Kitchen Considerations

Don’t forget the kitchen! Including a kitchen in your in-law suite is exceptionally thoughtful and practical. Design a kitchen in the in-law suite that is both functional and accessible. Consider lower countertops and pull-out drawers to accommodate wheelchair users, as well as easy-to-reach storage and appliances with user-friendly controls. A well-designed kitchen enhances self-sufficiency and comfort for all occupants.

Bedroom and Living Space

Ensure that the bedroom and living areas in the in-law suite are designed with comfort and accessibility in mind. Ample space for maneuvering mobility aids, well-placed electrical outlets, and proper lighting are vital considerations. Incorporate adjustable or multi-functional furniture to accommodate changing needs. This only makes the space easier for the user, and you, as needs are ever-changing.

Inclusive Flooring Choices

Choose flooring materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and accessible. Consider smooth surfaces without tripping hazards, such as carpet transitions or thresholds. Hardwood or luxury vinyl planks can be great options as they provide a seamless and durable surface for mobility aids.

Ample Natural Light and Proper Lighting

Natural light enhances the in-law suite’s aesthetics and contributes to a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere. Additionally, ensure the suite is well-lit with appropriate lighting fixtures to facilitate ease of movement and tasks for all occupants, including those with visual impairments.

Leveraging Technology

Embrace smart home technology to enhance inclusivity in the in-law suite. Voice-activated assistants, smart thermostats, and home automation systems can make daily tasks easier for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Designing an inclusive in-law suite is essential to creating a welcoming and accessible living space for all family members. From ground-floor accessibility to incorporating universal design principles, every detail is crucial in ensuring inclusivity. 
At Glickman Design Build, we understand the significance of inclusive design, and our team of experts is dedicated to creating functional and comfortable in-law suites tailored to your family’s needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to explore your options and embark on the journey of building a truly inclusive home for your loved ones. Let’s work together to create a space where everyone feels at home, safe, and supported!